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    Looking to see if a member is still on here.

    Does anyone know if minimule is still on the forum?
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    Few New Pics of BLISS Today @ 10 Days Old

    I can take the worry off of your hands, just let her come here to me, then you wouldn't have to worry about her color.. She is one beautiful baby!!
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    Just for a little fun

    When you can remember sleeping in the barn when you have a sick mini, afraid to leave them. And if you have done it more then once.. When you carry hot water buckets out to the barn at 2:00 am in minus tempatures because you want them to have warm water to drink. When you were tight on money...
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    I don't have a farm, but I am on facebook. I became a fan on a lot of the farms. I haven't been on LB much as I was working 3rds. But now that I am job hunting I have came back to LB.. Missed everyone..
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    Weight bulider for dogs

    Hi all, I was just wondering if anyone has any idea what is best to use to get weight on a dog? Hoss, our shepard mix is just so hyper that no matter what we feed him he still looks thin. He is very healthy, just always in overdrive. I would have thought by now he would have slowed down, but...
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    Just like to say thanks

    Buddy is in my advatar with my daughter, Faith. He is "her" horse. She told me thanks for reading and learning how to be a horse dr..
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    Zhu Zhu pets...

    And these were on top of Faiths list..
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    Just like to say thanks

    Hi Everyone, I know it has been ages since I have been on here. With working 3rd shifts all the time, i don't get my me time on the computer as often as I use too. But , thanks to this forum, and the members on here, I was able to use what i have learned about colic and I saved my Buddy...
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    Urgent Notice: Potential Danger of Horse Hair

    I have had the exposure.. That explains it all!!!
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    Happy Birthday Sixstardanes!!!!

    Hope you have a wonderful Birthday!!!
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    Demodectic Mites w/ Secondary skin infec in dogs

    HI, he is on the Mytaban dip now, the first time it was just the shampoo.. Now, dip and shampoo. Where do I find the Promeris?? The Ivomec from the vet was 100.00 a bottle for the oral kind..
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    Demodectic Mites w/ Secondary skin infec in dogs

    Hi everyone, even though I don't post much I am still around. I was hoping someon on here knows something about these mites and can help. I adopted a puppy from the animal protective league back in April. He had some hair loss then, but they said it was from him being flea infested when they...
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    Don't people COOK anymore???

    Both of my children's friends say the same thing when they eat here. It has gotten harder for me to cook as much since I've been working 3rd shifts for a yr now. But, I always have homecooked meals and it makes a difference. My son's friend will even ask before he comes over, what's for dinner>>
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    Happy Birthday, hope you have a wonderful day!!