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    how many kids do you have

    I have 3 boys. Robbie is 8, Bryce is 4 and Merrick will be 2 in February.
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    Anybody wanna take a guess when I will "foal"?

    Miss Mya is here, I won't post specifics. I'll leave that for Ashley when she gets back here!
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    Anybody wanna take a guess when I will "foal"?

    Hoping Ashley doesn't mind me posting this... She posted on FB that she was in labor last night and it sounds like little Mya is being stubborn.
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    Here are mine, I'm going to have a hoof print added to my back that is half the size with Jet under it for a stallion we lost a year ago in a couple weeks. My right arm Left side of my back My left arm My left forearm I have a family crest (calf), a crest with the swiss flag in it...
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    Older Producing Broodmares

    Our oldest is 24. She just had her last foal this year. She was bred because she forced her way in with the stallion.
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    iPhone Folks: What Are Your Favorite Aps?

    Angry Birds, FaceBook, Twitter, there are converter Apps... There are a lot of free ones too! You really need Angry Birds though!
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    ipod touch experts

    Glad you got it taken care of!
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    ipod touch experts

    Here's a link that will help you! If you have the AppleCare Protection Plan or if you are still within your 1-year warranty, you can also call AppleCare and they'll be able to walk you though setting it up. The number for AppleCare is 800-275-2273 they are open 9a-9p EST, 7 days a week. iPod...
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    My new Stallion

    My advice is give him some time to settle down and settle in. We had a stallion that did the same thing and he's a completely different horse now, I love him to death but in the beginning I would've rather not dealt with him. It took him about 3 weeks to settle in and figure out that he needed...
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    How to get energy?

    Ash, you're pregnant. Your body is using all that energy to make another life. If you're really concerned, try some vit B12. But remember, your body is working overtime as is and try to maybe break the work up over a couple days instead of doing it all one day. I know it can be a pain in the...
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    How do you know when its time to say good bye?

    Look in their eyes... You'll know when it's time. They'll tell you Ash. ((HUGS))
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    What is your opinion on this?

    Personally, I think that the government needs to back out of this issue. All 3 of my boys are circ'd. It was a decision that was made for personal reasons by my husband and myself. You're going to get people that are staunch anti-circ and staunch pro-circ. I think that the choice shouldn't be...
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    Whats wrong with this pic?

    The thing is that they have the dome once the roof is fixed. When the Excel center was built, there was a tax put in place to pay it off. The Twins now have their own field and the National Sports Center in Blaine hosts the NSC Minnesota Stars. So everyone has their own place. The football...
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    Getting to know each other

    I love True Blood on HBO and all the Sookie Stackhouse books (so far). I am seriously a die-hard True Blood fan though! I live in Wisconsin but I hate the winter to the point that I almost had hubby convinced to move further south. Some days I wish I lived in the mid-to-late 1800's.
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    Foaling Stall Cameras

    What does everyone use for cameras? We're looking for a camera set up that will reach the house from the barn (about 100-150 ft) and have it online so that I can have others watching too.