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    Thank you all for your responses. I have been working with the fly masks, they will keep them on for about an hour before they assist each other in removing them and stomping them in the ground. Fortunately, I also bought the Tri-Tek, which works great. Thanks again for your suggestions.
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    Cost of shipping?

    I had two quotes recently to ship a foal from Texas to Arizona, abuot 900 miles, both were in the $500-6oo range.
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    This is my first fly season and I need suggestions. My minis are not cooperative with the fly masks, and I'm not home during the day to re-apply spray constantly. Any suggestions? Do the feed supplements such as garlic, work well? Thanks in advance for any suggestions !
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    Anna's Girls - Updated news.

    Love , love, love these photos and your captions! Your farm is so wonderful. Looks like plenty of room for me and my two to visit. Ha ha.
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    2014 Maple Hollow Foaling--Belle**FILLY!!!!! 6/14****

    Love her long legs.....oh, and also the SPOTS! Congratulatulations on your lil filly !
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    new to the forum

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    new to the forum

    Welcome Please share pics of your minis when you can .
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    Tic Tac finally got his play mate.
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    Missy's Foaling Thread - HE'S HERE!!!!

    Shes a pretty one. Cant wait to see the foal!
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    Anna's Girls - Updated news.

    Theyre lovely, and obviously loved. Its wonderful that the Seniors are so pampered, youre right, they deserve it .
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    Clipping for warm weather?

    My mini foal is 7 months old. His coat is very long and fuzzy and we live in Arizona where its getting warmer every day, but still cool at night ( highs in the 70's, lows in the 40's) . My questios are should i have him clipped, or will he shed naturally when it gets warm enough? He already...
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    Tic Tac showing off his woolie winter coat.
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    It's time for a round of "Name that horse!"

    sweet ginger memories (since it ties back to your childhood horse)
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    Tic Tac is home, and just like others have said, one is not enough, His playmate will be arriving as soon as he is weaned. Here is a photo of Tic Tac, now that he is almost 6 months, and ( unnamed as of yet) foal who is 4 months. The fun has just begun !