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    I am setting up an American Driving Society Booth at Nationals again this year. Like last year, I will only be there Fri-Mon and then again back for the second weekend. I would love help at the booth--it helps so much if someone is there to answer questions. Any ADS people going to be there...
  2. Dr. Pam

    Carriage Driving Classes?

    I'm going to Congress for the first time, and will be doing the Classic Carriage Driving Class. There are a bunch of really cool Carriage classes in the rulebook that I have never seen offered at a breed show--does anyone ever offer them? I was really hoping they would be at a National level...
  3. Dr. Pam

    How many years have you had minis?

    Bought our first two miniatures at a dispersal sale outside of Chicago in 1986, a mare and a gelding. Used them with my 4H club for 5 yhears. Started showing after we moved to Ca with that mare's daughter in 1995, then the kids all started showing in 1997. Hard to believe we've been in it so...
  4. Dr. Pam

    Sale of the Century prices..

    Who bought lot #19? I was going to bid on her but didn't get home in time from work. I got through for bidding on Heads Up--I fell head over heels for him Friday night (we went down for the pre sale, and got to walk through the barns) I was able to go in the stall with him and he is a total...
  5. Dr. Pam

    Reality check: How many carts & harnesses do you own

    Just make sure my husband doesn't see this list.... Carts: Jerald open wheel, have the large wood wheels and used for CDE Graber show cart Houghten 48" show cart Houghten 52" show cart Lignite EE custom made for 29" mini Lignite roadster cart Frontier EE Double Diamond wood EE (WAY...
  6. Dr. Pam

    8th Annual Oregon Mountain Trail Course 2009

    Did you hear the voice of the announcer? It's "our" very own Mark Bullington!!!
  7. Dr. Pam

    Pacific smart cart

    Al_B's wife Susan drives a refined 33"palomino mare to this cart at carriage events and she does great, plus the overall picture is very balanced. This will be my next cart.
  8. Dr. Pam

    Texas Hold 'em sale

    OMG. The res world champ driving mare sold for $900. I'm going to cry (because I'm broke and can't even bid) I need to just stop watching!!
  9. Dr. Pam

    Texas Hold 'em sale

    If someone sees something they really want, I can pick them up and keep them here until transport is arranged. I want to buy some horses!!!!! I cannot believe the driving team went for $1000!!!! (yes, that was for BOTH!!)
  10. Dr. Pam

    New Video of SMHC'S Ringmaster Added to Webpage

    Please tell me he'll be in Liberty.....
  11. Dr. Pam

    Anybody ELSE have this happen?

    He can get ASPR papers since he has a registered AMHR parent. He would also look fantastic in ADS!! That is a lovely horse! I had one colt go over 40"--mom is 36", dad was 31". Showed to lots of wins as a yearling, got to Nationals and he measured out. Never did get to show AMHR again, but...
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    Is it worth breeding to sell colts for $800?

    I've had 14 foals in 22 years. I do this because I love the minis, and for what they've done for my kids...and the neighbors kids, the 4H kids, and any other kids I've been able to glom onto. I am so far in the red on the mini's I don't want to do the math. I have a fantastic 4 year old...
  13. Dr. Pam

    Link to ConnieP's 2 Fosters Hilda and Dixie

    Wow. Just --wow. Thank you Connie and Marty. They are beautiful!!
  14. Dr. Pam

    Little Horses In The Park

    Very pretty! So clean and uncluttered!! I seem to have so much "stuff"
  15. Dr. Pam


    You 3 look great! Which easy entry cart do you have? Jerald? Double Diamond?