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rockin r

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Jun 16, 2005
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Finally at 7:30am this morning she foaled! I didn't think this day was ever going to come
...I looked up at the monitor and nothing, went to brush my teeth, get some much needed coffee, looked at the monitor and she was down and pushing, took off runnung to the foal barn, when I got there the foal was out, and coming thru the sack. Vet came out checked her and mom everything is as expected. I wish I could post pics but the web hosts I have tried say no go...I think because I am at a .net instead of .com. Is there anyone who uses a web host that I can subscribe to that will accept my email domain?? She is beautiful...black with silver legs and underneath, 23 1/2" tall, vet said about 55-60lbs...Thank to all who put up with this first time mom, only one to go and she is the maiden mare!!! Here we go again...Theresa

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