WORRIED Mare may foal TOO Early

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Mar 5, 2008
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Southern Ontario, CANADA
I am so worried about my mare. She is currently at 286 days gestation. She was hand bred and is not due to foal till May 17th, and she is developing quite the udder and her back end is quite relaxed. Ironically, this mare was ultra sounded last August to NOT be in foal.!!!

Another mare is at 320 days and does not look like foaling real soon. And what has me Paranoid is I lost a foal at 284 days just a few weeks ago. However, this mare showed no signs of foaling, no udder, no nothing, and foal was diagnosed Normal.

Can anyone give me hope that a foal born this early could survive.!!!!!!!

Edit: This is 2nd foal for this mare, 1st one born at 330 days.
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I kind of went through the same thing recently with a maiden mare. I usually bring the mares in around day 300. I went out to check her and she had a pretty good sized bag already and she was at day 288. So I hoped and prayed she wouldn't go too early. She was loose behind and I was scared to death. We are at day 308 today and she hasn't really changed since I brought her in. I never had one get a pretty good sized bag so early, especially a maiden mare. I just told a friend this morning that she will probably wait until her due date....lol. Which is just fine.

I wish you the best!!
The fact that she is bagging up and getting ready would mean that I would worry less. It is the one that does not have a bag and drops the foal that would have a less likely chance of having a live healthy foal. Mother nature knows and is getting ready. She could stay in that partial bag situation for a full month.

Good luck.
If we have a mare bagging up too early here, we put them on Regumate until they foal and SMZ's for 10 days. Early udder development is thought to be a sign of placentitis and a late term abortion is the last thing you want! I'd rather treat them than not to try to slow them down and get the mare to carry longer.

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