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Nov 30, 2002
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Ok, I have wrestled with whether or not to even respond to this publicly or not. I'm so upset that I haven't even been able to sleep much, if any at all since last night when I got the email about my stallion, Rolex, and me, personally. An acquaintance emailed me, to inquire about 2 of my mares, and through our correspondences it was then revealed what she "heard" about my Rolex, as she herself was concerned with the resulting foal, should she purchase one or both of my mares bred to him. To say the least, I was completely shocked with what she told me. When I asked her who told her this, she says she won't tell me, as she doesn't want to get in the middle of things. I don't want to even start "things", but at the same time, I am completely baffled as to "why" anyone would say such things about him or me, especially when they are BLATENTLY UNTRUE!

They told her she should be leary of any mares I have bred to my stallion because he has been "known to throw many dwarfs", and any mares bred to him stand a very high chance of the resulting foal being a dwarf. And also "mentioned" to her that research should really be done on any horses "I" sell, because I buy and sell so many that I can't keep them straight with who I am giving information on, so research should be done on any horses I sell, because I don't know which I'm talking about when I give my information. Plus, I breed and breed and breed so many horses that any foals should be "really looked at" because I have so many that their health is questionable.

Ok, first of all, about my stallion... HE HAS NEVER EVEN HAD ANY FOALS! NONE! ZILCH! ZIP!!! NADA!!! NO SUCH FOALS SIMPLY DO NOT EVEN EXIST!!! His very first breeding EVER was to my Gray Champagne mare, Rose, and that foal is NOT EVEN BORN YET!!!! So to say he has thrown "many"????? When he hasn't even EVER SIRED ANY FOALS AT ALL, let alone any dwarfs, is just a flat out LIE! GOOD GRIEF!!!!

Why? Why would anyone say this? Completely unfounded, blatent LIE!!!

Secondly, about me, personally... I "buy and sell so many that I don't know what I'm even talking about when I give my information"????? WHAT????

In the last 10 years, I have sold all of ONE...count 'em, go ahead and COUNT 'EM ALL... they all add up to a big 'ol whopping ONE mini horse that I have bought and then sold, IN WELL OVER 10 YEARS!!! That was my trick trained gelding, Chuckie. As for my "breeding and breeding, and breeding so many foals that they are too many and neglected???? Ok, that just plain out stupid!!!

In all my years "in minis", and that's going on about 13 years now, I have bred for all of THREE foals, and I STILL HAVE ALL THREE OF THEM!!!! And, TRUST ME, they are ALL fat, happy and VERY HEALTHY!!!

If anyone EVER has any question about my stallion's foals, THAT DO NOT EVEN EXIST YET, simply check with AMHA and AMHR records and verify for yourself! It's that simple!

As for me and my "many many breedings that are so unhealthy", again, check with AMHA and AMHR and check their records, and see for yourself, and get ready to be blown away by my careless neglectful numbers of THREE WHOPPING FOALS in 13 YEARS with the breed.

I have NEVER had ANY foals bred by me registered with AMHA, as I only bought my very first mare and stallion registered with them, just last year, and NO FOALS EXIST FROM EITHER OF THEM! By "me" or ANYONE! As neither of them have never EVER been bred...right up until this year. My stallion, as of earlier this year, and my mare (Bridgy) has only been exposed to him within the last week (all of 8 days) since she came back home from our show trainers. Under AMHR, I only have 3 foals bred by me registered with them, and they are all still here if any one would like to come see them and verify their health.

I only have 5 minis in TOTAL to begin with! And then I also have my 2 bigger ponies. That's IT, a grand whopping total of 7 in all. All grown adults, NO FOALS at all even, in over 4 years since my last mare was born (under AMHR).

So if having 3 foals in over 13 years, and owning a grand total of 7 horses in all is considered "carelessly irresponsible, neglectful volumous breeding" by the overall general public society, then by all means, call me that????

Now, since the sale of my gelding last year, I have since bought 2 more horses, Rolex and Bridgy. (The two that brought my grand total of horses up to 7)... Yes, they are "offered" for sale now too, as are the rest of my mares. And I know them ALL very well, so well that when I give my information on inquiries of the, I do so with full knowledge of ALL that I have learned of them through their time in my care. This is inclusive of my all my "many many foals from all my many many breedings" (all of 3 in over 13 years in minis). But, how can that be even remotely construed as the carelessly volumous extent as what this person perceived from what "she was told"????

In all those years, while trying to sustain "life with our horses", I have overcome many personal obstacles where I have nearly lost everything, my family, my home and yes, my horses. In all the turmoil over those years, yes, I have lost a couple of my horses, (who remain in my DAILY PRAYERS OVER THEM, TO THIS DAY!), but still, I ALWAYS try to pick myself up and MOVE FORWARD best I can! As I do still have most my horses, and thankfully my family and home as well, in spite it all!!!

So, in effort to "move forward", we are trying to yet again, re-establish ourselves within the breed, in order to strive to accomplish what we started so many years ago with our horses. To do that, yes, we realize we must still offer some for sale in order to have the means to re-acquire the new direction of our new and improving goals. Same as ANYONE ELSE! You don't just have it all from the beginning, you work toward goals, and that takes time, years even. So that, same as ANYONE ELSE, is all we are trying to do. So yes, we do have our horses offered sale, and do plan to look into future purchases as well, as we go through the years ahead. Lord willing.

By "we", I mean myself and my husband, and with our son serving overseas, we now also have our daughter in law, and thanking the Lord in that DAILY! If not for when my daughter in law stepped in to help, I know we would not be trying to move forward at all, with regard to our horses. We would be selling out completely, as we nearly came to not too long ago. She truly is our Godsend, and we know that, and look foward to future years as time brings our son back home, and as our family continues to grow with promising hopefuls of our coming grandchild as well. THANKYOU HEAVENLY FATHER!!!

Fortunately, so far I've heard of no ill regard toward my husband, our son, nor our daughter in law. I'm thankful for that too, because that would just be the straw on the camels back that sends me over into FULL BLOWN ANGRY with all this!!! So far, all this person expressed to me was remarks she received about me personally and of my stallion, Rolex. Yes, that hurts, but not enough to make me angry...yet...because I know in my own heart they are all lies and easily disproved!!!!


Look, I come to this "mini folk world" in TOTAL PEACE! In all my years in the breed, I've not ever done anything so hurtful to anyone, at least not knowingly. Yes, over time, many wrongs have definately been done to "me", Lord Knows THAT! But, I give all that to my Lord, and leave it there! STRAIGHT UP! But, as for "me" and "my doings", I have always tried to offer help as much as able, and always offer prayerful support and GENUINE FRIENDSHIP where ever accepted. Why would anyone be so full intent on ill regard with flat out lies about me and my horses???

If the person who is saying this about me and my horses is reading this post now, PLEASE explain to me what it is that I have done so horribly wrong to you to make you feel so threatened by me and my horses that you have to go and spread GARBAGE like this??? I really would like to know??? I have always been one that if I have EVER done any harm to ANYONE, I try to do everything in my power to right that wrong! However, I don't know who you are nor how I must have hurt you, that you would do this. So, please, just be upfront with me and allow me the opportunity to clear the air that you feel so intent to murky up with your mud slinging lies!

In the mean time, know this... I only lost sleep over this last night and all day today, because I let it matter to me that much. Those who know me know full well of me as I know of myself in who I am as a person of integrity, as a breeder of integrity, and as a genuine friend to those dear to me. I only wish you could find it in your heart to know that of me as well. I offer that invitation to you...take it or leave it, and know that I'll lose no further sleep from it, as I leave it in the prayerful care of my Lord from here forward.

As for the rest of anyone else out there, if anyone ever has any question about me or my horses, you are welcome to come visit anytime. Meet me, meet my family, meet all my horses and then if further inclined, you are welcome to pass your jugement upon me for yourself.

Offered in friendship,

Tanya Belasky

Seminole Wind Acres

Wow, Tanya, I would feel exactly as you do if I were on the receiving end of that one! That is very hurtful.

Someone has no idea who or what they are talking about, and if the one talking with you would stop to investigate and not accept that garbage as fact, the mystery person is going to be exposed as the complete liar and idiot they are.
Some people have no life and create drama where there should be none.

Hang in there, you owe no one any explanation for anything! I know you know this....there is simply no reason to add any fuel to that fire, let it burn itself out and they will move on.
So sorry you are going through all this. Slander sucks---in any way shape or form.

I would try and turn a blind eye/ear to it all. It's your pride and sanity on the line here, and you know very well that what has been written about your horses is untrue.

Some days I wonder about the mini horse world, and what it is coming to.

(((Hugs to you))), and I hope things start looking up for you. This is one darn cruel world.

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Wow. Someone has way too much time on their hands and too much love missing from their heart. This is not the first case of slander I've heard of this month. What is going on?
It's just so sad.

I'm very sorry this has happened to you.... the truth will come out--always does. Life balances out--always does.
Unbelievable that someone would be that mean and cruel. It makes no sense at all to me. This person must be very angry and unhappy to be so jealous of you and your horses.

I am sorry that this has happened. I do wish you the best. I have always thought of you (and still do) as one individual with strong character and complete honesty.
OH geesh Tanya.....the grandaughter was recently a target of bad rumor and boy she was hurting.

Its just plain meanness for these people to sit there and conjure up hateful things and no rhyme or reason for it. They are just mean spirited people. You'd think half the world were back in middle school. Just set the buyer for your mares straight and tell them its not true and carry on. I'm sorry you are being put through this. I'm really sorry.
Tanya I am so sorry you are going through this. You have always been such a good friend and good horseperson through all the years I have known you.

I cant even begin to understand where people get off by doing this to others. Obviously their lives are so lacking in richness and true happiness that they have to put down other people to feel better about themselves.

Im here if you need a shoulder.


Don't let it get to you Tanya. It seems jealousy has something to do with what's going on. Some people aren't happy unless they make others miserable.

I know of you and how you take care of your animals. Ther person who told you this must not know you that well or they wouldn't believe it.

Don't let it get to you Tanya. It seems jealousy has something to do with what's going on. Some people aren't happy unless they make others miserable.
I so agree! I am so sorry Tanya that some people are like this. I hope you find out who the person is.
There are ALWAYS going to be folks out there that have nothing better to do will their time but be gossipers. I always chalk it up to jelousy?...unhappy with their own life?...whatever and I would not lose sleep on people like that. If you have nice minis leave it at that and you should not have to try and justify your horses to anyone!
I'm sad for people that feel the need to be so crappy towards others.

Well clearly even the "friends" of the person spreading these rumors must question their integrity if they inquired about your horses anyway and were at least willing to tell you what had been said. That alone says a lot to me about what kind of person you are likely dealing with. Good for you for standing up for yourself (thought it's sad you have to).
I am so sorry you are having to go through this because of some idiot that needs to get a life. I know how I would feel if it was me.

Some people just have to make stuff up to make them feel smart or important. Why they do stuff like this is absolutely incomprehensible. What they don't realize is that what goes around comes around and the good Lord will sort it all out in the end. It is just a shame that innocent people have to suffer for it.

Hang in there, the people that know you won't give any credence to the sicko people that think this type of thing is the thing to do.

Shame on the misinformed lying idgits.
You have my support. (whatever that's worth to ya!)

Anytime I've had rumors floating around about me or my horses, it's always been for one reason. Someone's jealous of something I've got going on. The only way to live with horse people and have some of them NOT talk negatively about you or your horses behind your back is to have ugly horses that don't do well.

All I can say is when you get your first Rolex foals -- you show them off every chance you get. You can set this sort of rumor mill to rest by the reality. That's what people will recall in the end -- the foals they saw not the ones some liar told them about.

Try and not let it bother you. People really do see through the rumor mill in time and it always back fires on the liars. It may take time, but it's sweet when it comes around
I would just have Laughed! Not a single foal on the ground, yet he's produced legions of dwarves!

Amazing. Sorry for you and what is going on- I have had other friends get ground into the rumor mill-

And typically it's fear driven as Jill has said.

Don't let it get to you- and don't get ruffled. The longer I have been in miniatures, the longer the list of "Avoid"- and it's typically your has-beens who are just miserable people. The more they get to you the more they win.

It's a shame though, I really enjoy the majority of mini people, and overall, enjoy them far more then my hunter ring... I'd just try to to not give them the enjoyment. (Makes you a tad bit more elegant as well ;)
HI Amanda,

I'm doing well.
Just signing on to send my gratitude to you all for all your encouragement and support. Thank you all so much, your kind words mean a great deal to me, thank you so soo much! As for the matter itself, it's been taken care of.

Warmest love and appreciations,

I'm sad for people that feel the need to be so crappy towards others.


This pretty much sums it up for me.

Tanya, keep your chin up. Those that don't know you and your big, kind heart are missing out. You are one heck of a gal. ((Huggsszz))
Thanks so much Cheyenne! {{{HUGS}}}

Someone asked me to share photos of Rolex. These below, are the most recent ones I have of him, taken at the end of Spring (about 2 1/2 months ago) as he was finally shedding out. He still has some belly fuzz in these photos. I've not had opportunity to get summer photos of him yet, but hoping to soon. I will post some as soon as I can.


Warmest hugs,

Tanya & Rolex

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