When do YOU think she's due?

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Dec 18, 2002
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Hello everyone,

Last summer, I "borrowed" a stallion for one of my mares and bred them. I kept very good records, even though I didn't think she'd take (she's 16 and has been diagnosed with endometriosis).

But, towards the beginning of June she began to look pregnant, so I got out my records. She had last year's foal on day 323 (and I can't be wrong about that as she was only bred 1 day), so I calculated her foaling date from that. I lost my records from other past breedings, but I remember she's the type to foal early.

But.... one hang-up. The stallion was still here when I left for college. Even though I left clear directions with my parents (the horses are "my thing") NOT to put them together AT ALL, they can't remember if they did or not. So, in other words, I have no clue when she'll pop.

If MY breeding date is right, she's due NOW (today is day 329). If the stallion was allowed access to her while I was gone, however, she could be due any time within the next couple of months.

So, how bred does she look to you?



She's had milk for 4 weeks now, and is testing right in the middle of the scale. Her tailhead is relaxed, also; has been for several days...

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Not able to see the pics, here!


Here are two more pics:


Her bag...


Another angle...

Not sure, Kari, but it seems it will be a while, yet. You need some pics from straight on or straight behind (w/the mare in a perpendicular line to the camera, not angled away) and some from straight beside her w/her legs square.

Also maybe from overhead. My barn camera is overhead and I can get a really good view of my mares from overhead. They change in shape quite a bit near the end/foaling.

I wish your parents could remember about the breeding dates!!!

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She's pretty!

And she looks more advanced than my Treasure who would foal no later than a month from now. (According to breeding dates)

I say no more than a couple of weeks, at the most.

Good luck!
She has no bag yet- it is more than possible for mares that have had foals to have a bag and have milk and not have been anywhere near a stallion. I don't think she's anywhere near ready if she is in foal.
Allright, thanks guys!

I would guess 2 to 4 weeks, Kari. Remember she does show all the signs.....at least she used to. She was good about that!

Yeah, Maryann, she used to show all the signs, but from what I've been told rearding last year's foal (bon while I was still at school, Feb. 4th) she showed NO signs, had no bag.

I'm not sure how closely she was watched, though... so I'm keeping a close eye on her!


Just wanted to add..... Patty looks FABULOUS!

Thanks, Maryann! She needs a pedicure, though... my farrier isn't returning my calls. Argh!


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