Wheee! Driving hours 2023

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All finished up for the year. We had less drivers participating so less total hours BUT I think our driving community has become really close this year. It's been so fun to follow everyone's experiences and growth this year. My goal in 2024 is to drive all of my horses at least 5 hours each. I know that is a tiny goal to those of you who drive regularly but it'll be the most hours I've had for years and years. Here's to a great 2024!
Thank you to everyone who keeps participating with us year after year. And to you new drivers who have made our group even better.
It really looks like I worked my little ass off!!! 🤣
35 minutes ground driving billy. We went to a neighbor's yard to try some new obstacles. He opened his big trailer so billy went up the ramp into the trailer. He even backed out. He stood patiently while we chatted. He did very well. I want to put him in the jerald cart but i want someone with me. Just need to do it. Our weather has been ideal
That sounds like a productive and successful ground driving session with Billy!

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