What's the best wat to get your mares to catch???

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Secret Hills Ranch

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Feb 10, 2005
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El Cajon
We've been trying to breed my friend's mare to my stud. This si the 3rd go around with her. Supposedly she always catches easy. She just came back into heat again today so here we go again... We've been covering her everyday until she goes out. We figure may as well hit her hard and hope she catches this time. Is that a good way to do it???
[SIZE=14pt]Tell her you dont care if she does.....then she will
:Also, has this mare foaled before? Is she overweight? Sometimes in the extreme heat Stallion are not as fertile.[/SIZE]

I would culture the mare to make sure she doesn't have an infection. If she has one, you could breed her 10 times a day and she still won't take. Not to mention the fact that your stallion could then be passing it on to all of the other mares he's breeding.
Has your stallion settled a mare before?

You may want to have the mare checked to see if she is cycling properly, sometimes they need a boost with a hormone shot to make them drop the follicle. It sounds like she is coming in fine but perhaps not having normal cycles.

Note to add, never give a hormone shot until you have verified that she actually is not pregnant , some mares will continue to breed when they are pregnant. Then again maybe she just really likes your stallion if you know what I mean
Are you positive she hasn't already caught? Some mares have "loose morals" and show heat even when prego. I had a mare that showed screaming standing 'eeing heat, 4 days before she foaled.
I know a sure fire way to get her to take!

Don't plan to breed her. Try everythign you can to keep them seperated. She will be in foal before you know it!!
If you know your stallion is fertile then 3 misses warrants a culture and cytology on the mare to rule out an infection as was mentioned in a previous post.

As a side note; don't breed every day while your mare is in heat. Every other day is more than adequate. The more the merrier doesn't apply here. Dumping excessive semen into the uterus causes inflammation and makes the uterus a less healthy environment for the embryo. This can impair fertility. Remember that mares ovulate about 24 hours before they stop standing for the stallion. That is when she will get pregnant. If you know your mare well try to time your breeding to minimize the number of times she is covered.

Good luck!

Michelle Courtemanche DVM

Rochester, NY
Well, she has had one foal before. She settled on the first try. It's not been real hot here as we moved to San Diego, and Cinder's settled a bunch of mares, so I know it's not him...
Thanks very much guys!

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