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Aug 18, 2003
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Well I gotta bite the bullet and start looking for a show cart for next year. And considering I will only be doing maybe 2 shows a year, I don't want to spend a small fortune........not that I have anywhere near a small fortune to spend

So for those of you who have show carts................

What brand and kind/type do you have?

Are you happy with it?

Where did you purchase it?

And yes I'd like to know what you paid, if you'd like to PM me that information that is fine.

I have bought all 4 of my carts off the Lilbeginnings Saleboard. 1 Jerald 1 Houghton, 1 Graber &1 Superior. All were used except the Superior which we have not yet used. My friends who drive my Minis like all of them. All except the Jerald are the type which can be pleasure or Roadster.I also had an oak Meadowbrook which I just sold It was too heavy to haul around to shows.Prices ranged from $300-$900.I just happened to be in the right place to pick up the used ones.
What type of show cart are you looking for,, wood, metal..? Are you just going to show in R or A shows?

Personally I love my Country Road cart, however it is not the fashion in the A or R shows.
I have a beautiful Houghton show cart. I absolutely adore it. It is so smooth, so light and so bee-u-tee-ful. I couldn't even count the number of compliments I get on it and I get many at every show. It is deep plum with a lavander stripe. I bought it in 2002 and if I remember right, it was $1,600. It was originally ordered with 16" wheels (for the Derbster). Then in 2004, I bought some 20" wheels, which were around $350 and didn't include the fancy hub cap.

With it's 16" wheels and Derby:



and with it's bigger 20" wheels and Lonesome:



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ALSO, if it's only going to be a couple shows a year and not Nationals (or maybe even regionals?), I want to show you this kind of cart. I have one like it and it is very beautiful and very balanced and I would be proud to use it in the ring at all of the shows I have gone to. It is only about $500 from Mini Express (note they sell it with wooden shafts, which are patent wrapped, and with metal -- the wooden is what I have and recommend).

My Dad made my cart, it has a set of wooden wheels too. I painted it myself and did the pinstripe and made the boot. Steph here on the forum also has one of the roadster style carts that my Dad made. Price varies depending on what options you choose. As well as researching price I would be sure to get a cart that is well balanced it makes all the difference in the world in your comfort and that of your horse.
At virtually every mini auction I go to there have been carts for sale. Just be careful that the one you buy is well made and well balanced. Do not shy away from a cart just because it is home made. One of the nicest buggies I own is a homebuilt one. Its not necessary to buy the first one you see, there are an awful lot of them around.
Thanks for all the info and replies

I actually had a Superior that I bought a few years ago. It needed some work before it was driveable and I never got around to doing it. Then the lady I bought it from called me up this past spring and asked if I would sell it back. I sold it back to her simply because I didn't want to have to worry about fixing it up.

So now back to the drawing board. I think I will probably try and find a used one, and just see what's out there.

Thanks Again
EquineLover said:
Could you find a used cart in decent condition for $250 or less?Thanks.

Yes, I think you could if you look hard and don't expect to find one in a matter of days. My first cart was a used metal easy entry that was sound but quite used looking. I sanded it and painted it. It was kind of fun. I think I paid $200 for it but am not absolutely sure since it's been years ago. However, I do not think you'd find a decent "show" cart for anywhere near $250.
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