What Kind of hay do you feed your minis?

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What kind of hay do you feed your minis?

  • Straight Alfalfa hay

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  • Straight Grass hay

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  • Alfalfa/grass mix hay

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  • neither - feed commercial pellet mix

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  • Alfalfa cubes with hay

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  • Alfalfa cubes only

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  • Alfalfa/Timothy cubes

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  • other

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Jan 9, 2005
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NE Montana
I got 100 small square bales of hay from my brother-in-law (owe his uncle $60 for the baling - that's all). The first load (62 bales) was all good grass hay; the second load was alfalfa (38 bales). Just wondering how many feed alfalfa to their minis (in any quantity or form). I have full-size horses to feed the alfalfa too, so no big deal; besides for the price delivered and stacked, I'm not going to complain nor send it back (I stacked most of the first 62, they stacked the rest).

If you feed something for hay/forage not mentioned please post what it is.

Thank you so much.
Orchard Grass hay.

I responded "other" because it isn't just "grass" and it has no alfalfa in it.

Liz M.
Forgot to mention that 27 of the alfalfa bales are stacked in half of my mini stallion's shelter (fenced off from him) and he is having fun pulling stray pieces through the mesh panel that is supposed to keep him out of it.
right now I feed pellets and give a treat of timothy in the evenings. Timothy only because I couldnt get orchard grass.
nootka said:
Orchard Grass hay. I responded "other" because it isn't just "grass" and it has no alfalfa in it.

Liz M.


Thank you for responding.

Although, Orchard grass is still grass hay; one of the better ones, but still just grass.

I didn't really want to try to post all the different varieties of grass hay (I don't think the poll page would be big enough): orchard, timothy, bermuda, coastal, crested wheatgrass, other wheatgrass species, prairie grass, mountain meadow grass mix, brome grass, fescue, bahiagrass, canaryreed grass, bluegrass, redtop, ryegrass, just to name a few.

Forages come in basically two forms: grass and legumes (alfalfa, clover, lespedeza). Beet pulp is a whole nother story.

BTW - I have a degree in Agriculture (Range Science). Basically the study of animals effects on the land. Took many plant ID and forage classes.
We feed Coastal Bermunda Hay. We started when our mares lost weight in the winter. This year and last year they put on weight or maintained their weight.
I had to choose other.

My broodmares get Coastal Bermuda and then they also get straight Alfalfa.

My geldings, stallions, and colts get K-31 Fescue. Plus the young colts also get some straight Alfalfa.
I feed both alfalfa and grass hay, but don't buy it mixed -- so couldn't plug an answer into the poll. I buy separate bales -- northern alfalfa shipped into Florida and a locally grown Tifton 44 grass hay (bahia hybrid). Fatties and idle mature horses get 90% grass hay with a handful of alfalfa; show horses get mostly alfalfa; moms and foals get closer to a 50:50 mix. I absolutely believe in "individual horses -- individual feeding".

Robin C
I voted "other" because these days it just depends on what is available.

Earlier in the spring we were feeding alfalfa cubes at night, fescue in the morning. Ideally for most of our horses we like a grass/alfalfa mixture, with straight grass for the easiest keepers. Unfortunately this year we don't have a choice, we just buy what is available.

Right now we have several horses that are on straight grass (brome) hay; we've been scraping, too, to come up with plain grass bales for them. The other horses are all on 2nd cut alfalfa; some of the bales have maybe 15% grass, but for the most part it's straight alfalfa. That's the only good hay we've been able to get, and if we're very, very lucky we'll be able to get very similar hay for the coming year...rain has ruined the first cut of hay here, so that means no grass hay unless we can find someone that has late (as in over ripe
) hay...someone who has waited in hopes of missing all the rain, and who manages to get the hay baled dry the end of this month... likewise, if our hay supplier can get his 2nd cut baled dry, then he'll have alfalfa for us again, and we'll consider ourselves very lucky. If 2nd cut gets ruined too, then I am honestly not sure what we'll be feeding.

Anyway, our horses have been on alfalfa for several weeks now, at least 6 weeks I guess. There are 3 young geldings here that are much too fat, but the lactating mares are all looking great--not too fat, but not dragged down by their foals either, and the babies are all in nice shape. The young stock is in good shape too--out of condition because they aren't doing anything except standing around (too much mud to do anything else!)

So, no, we have no problem feeding alfalfa to the Minis.
My situation doesn't fit into any of the options.

Some horses get alfalfa pellets.

Some horses get a complete feed.

Some horses get pasture which is coastal bermuda grass.

Some horses get coastal bermuda hay.

And even that varies thru the seasons!
I had to pick "other" too. Our hay is a mixture of Grass Hay, Timothy Hay and some Clover mixed in.
I do the grass/alfalfa mix. I would love to do straight grass hay, but just can't find any good around here. When I bought one of my minis, the breeder gave me a bail of canary grass hay, and it was so nice and soft and green. I would love to find that around here.
My guy gets timothy/alfalfa mix.
I voted straight grass hay. Currently I am feeding good quality bermuda. To date I have never fed alfalfa to any horse that I've owned. Never needed to. A few times I have got a grass/clover mix because that's all that was available. But I prefer grass hay only.
Thank you to all who replied. It's really interesting to see the different feeding ideas.

I do feed all my horses (5 full-size and 2 minis) based on their individual needs, but do generalize some to keep it simple for storage and purchasing.

Last winter, we had 2 of my horses and my husband's two horses in a pen with access to mixed hay and a salt block (water of course). My senior gelding was in his own pen with mixed hay, and senior pellets. Three youngsters (2s and 3s) in a pen on the best mixed hay plus 12% grain mix.

Then I added the minis to the mix in January and March and they get there concentrate plus grass hay.
Hopefully by winter I'll be bringing home a gorgeous weanling filly and she'd probably benefit from a little alfalfa in her diet. I'm sure I could also feed a little bit to my yearling stallion. So, I should be all set with hay for the minis for winter.

Thank you all for responding.
My minis just get a good grass hay unless one is too thin. I have a mare here now to breed that the foal is pulling down fast. Robin C suggested adding some alfalfa to help her build back up. The foal is only a month old and way too young to wean.

I was feeding Bermuda hay but it was mentioned it can cause colic. Talked to my vet about it and he said some of the minis do have problems with it. Since I have one that has issues anyway, no one gets it here.

I prefer to feed Timothy grass but it is hard to get and it is expensive. I have a friend that grows the Endophyte free fescue so that is what everyone gets in the summer and winter. I do switch over to straight Timothy (for everyone) when the broodmares go into the last trimester. Just don't want to take any chances!

The QH is on alfalfa because he usually won't touch grass hay. No, he isn't spoiled
Some people swear by alfalfa and some swear against it. And having fed it for many years except last year intent to go back to it this winter.
I have 2 mares with foals on side and they are fed orchard/alfalfa mix in morning and soaked alf cubes at night with other feed.

Everyone else is fed alf pellets in the morning with chopped grass forage and at night everone received soaked alf cubes.
I feed alfalfa hay have been for many years now