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I had 2 of my jennys checked 2 years ago, by a vet..for a attempt at crossing them with a Zebra, I am pretty sure it was a Grants Zebra, but my jennys were too small and would of had to have they foals in a vet clinic where they could be monitered at all times, and immediate vet help right there, in the end..I didnt go thru with it..it wold of just been too much to try to get one! I did have a opportunity to buy a Zebroid out of New York, and I also know there was a beautiful driving/riding pair born and raised in Michigan, which were later sold overseas. Donket crosses are usually termed, Zebrass, Zedonk, or Zebroid. Ashley has your Aunt ever tried to cross her zebras?? Corinne
They have tried crossing zebra stallions with Jennys but the zebra dont like donkeys. Zebras are really picking and have to be raised with what you want them to breed. If they werent raised with a donk chances are they wont breed one.

We let the jenny run with the stud(supposedly he would breed donkeys) but even when in heat she would back right up to him and he didnt care at all.

My uncle did have a jenny he sold that was bred. But when she was bred was at switch time. SO we werent sure if she was bred to a mini jack or the zebra.

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