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Frizzle's Gal

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Feb 16, 2005
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I'm going to a show the first of September and have no clue what I should bring. If you could tell me what you bring.
Is it an overnight show? I am guessing no so this is my single day list.

For the Horses

First you need your horse

Baby oil gel

Grooming tools

Hoof Picks

Hair gel

show sheen/ laser sheen/ cowboy magic

black magic marker

black hoof polish (or clear)

Treats or other things to bait them with

Regular halter and lead

Show halter and lead

Vet wrap (comes in handy)

Blanket and hoodie (for the trip there)

Jug of water and water buckets

Hay and Hay Bag

Cart etc if you have a driving class

For yourself


Show Clothes

Hair accessories

Hat if in showmanship


Water, lots of it

Lawn Chairs



Show registration

Makeup (if you use it)

Probably forgot some stuff too.

Good luck!
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Depending on the show--one day or overnight or several days--I make a list.

One day shows usually just get a bucket full of necessities plus a bucket for water for the horses and a cooler of drinks for humans and our lawn chairs. Oh and a clean shirt for the show person--cause coffee just seems to jump out of the cup.

First I ask myself--What will the horse need to transport? Provide for food and drink--covers if necessary ect.

second--What does the horse need to show? Make up products and hoof products as well as show halter ect.

third--what will I need to be there? Clothes and make up for show and clothes for other times of the day and night. Don't forget things like toothbrush and shampoo ect. Also, I almost always carry a small cooler with drinks and snacks cause I may not care for what is offered at a show. Don't forget the lawn chairs.

If we are going to be more than a couple of days, we will also carry a table to put things on in the tack stall. Easier than bending on the floor and easier to keep my horses from pawing it all to pieces while they are in there. (they will still 'help'me take it off the table when I forget to completely cross tie them

Lastly, I will bring lights to hang and fans if it is hot. Don't forget extension cords and extra light bulbs as well as some twine to tie cords up and out of the way with. I take these things to the bigger and longer shows as a rule.

OH--forgot the paperwork. Always carry copy (not original) of registeration papers and Coggins (original is best) and health papers (if required) and any measurement paperwork for the steward.
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[SIZE=14pt]I have learned to put show clothes including pants and gloves and ties in the garment bag after cleaning and leave them in the trailer.... I left them home once. I also keep extra underwear and a night gown in there because once I remembered my show clothes and fogot the others ad went to columbus![/SIZE]

Everything else from clippers to brushes to gels and razors are in one large tupperware bin, Food gets prepackaged into zip lock baggies for each meal and each horse and that goes into a bin. Show halters and harness go into the harness bag. Thats everything..... in two bins and a bag!

[SIZE=14pt]Well I am going to my first show on the 28 but I bring,[/SIZE]

Black hoof polish



Black Marker

Corn Starch (for white markings)

Water Bucket

Net/Bag full of hay (few extra flake)

Water jug

Money (for lunch)

Or pre make lunch but bring $ incase

Entry forms

Insurance proof

Makeup/brush for u

Show halter

Show clothes





Pretty much any thing you use daily!!LOL!GOOD LUCK!
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