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Aug 18, 2013
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What color would you say my filly Belle is? She was registered as a sorrel, because that's what color she was when she was younger. But her reddish brown mane turned flaxen when she was 2 years old. Now it has turned white as a 3 year old. Is she a palomino? I don't feel that her body is a light enough color to be a palomino. Is she a silver bay?

What colors are sire and dam? Looks like a red horse with a flaxen mane and tail. Does not look to have cream or agouti... beautiful, regardless.
Hard to tell with the lighting, but sure looks silver bay.
I agree, she looks silver bay ❤

This is an old picture of our horse, Sunny, who I think is the same, pretty color.

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I, too, think she may be a silver bay. It was/is hard to say from the lighting of your photos. I am used to seeing the "dusky" coloring of the silver diluting black on the black points of a bay horse as well as changing the colors of the mane & tail to flaxen. That's what I couldn't tell from your pics.

Do you know the colors of her parents (though that doesn't always help, LOL)? Have you considered having her color tested - just to know? The silver test by itself is $25 and the black/red/agouti test is $40 from Animal Genetics (out of Florida).

She is sure pretty!
I'm leaning towards silver bay's hard to know for sure without testing. This is a silver bay mare I used to own, she is darker than your mare but had a nearly white mane. With the lighting of your photos, it's hard to tell if your mare has the same dark legs as my mare did.
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Her are some better pictures of her. She doesn't have any brown hairs mixed in with her mane, they are all mostly pure white with some gray ones. She does have a black muzzle and legs.


Here are some pictures of her dam Dakota, which we currently own. Dakota has a sorrel body and her mane and tail are the same color. I don't have any pictures of her sire, but it says he is registered as a dun.


I’ve been looking at some different coat colors on the internet and in some of my horse books. I still can’t tell if she's silver bay, Palomino, or even red taffy. I guess I won’t ever know for sure without a test and I’m not sure if I want to invest in that.

Thanks everybody for your thoughts and help!