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  1. A

    Feeding/Diet Regimen & Hay types

    If anyone would be willing to share what they feed their mini. I have a yearling gelding and currently I am feeding - Triple crown lite, beet pulp, and a little bit of aloe, oil, and salt. I'm not sure if there are other options that I should be feeding him. If you could include the rate at...
  2. Erickson Miniature Horses

    What color is my filly?

    What color would you say my filly Belle is? She was registered as a sorrel, because that's what color she was when she was younger. But her reddish brown mane turned flaxen when she was 2 years old. Now it has turned white as a 3 year old. Is she a palomino? I don't feel that her body is a light...
  3. Erickson Miniature Horses

    Foal Color

    My weanling Luna was born a sorrel, but is now getting more and white hairs in her coat. Does this mean that she could be changing color? I know that some people say its like opening a present the next spring because they change color so much. If she is changing color, what color could she...
  4. Brooke S.

    Color confusion!!

    I just cannot figure out my horse!! I shaved her for the first time since I got her (6 years ago), and it was far from what I expected. Just look at the pictures. IN THE WINTER: IN THE SUMMER: SHAVED!! Close up of her head: What would you call her color? Which would you consider her...
  5. bunni1900

    Scars...What to do for a show

    Hello again all! So I am preparing for showing my horses. Here is my question; My stallion is a DARK black bay who has no markings. BUT he has white hair on his legs where he used to have scars. My question is, what can I do about it for a show if anything? I know people dye bleached manes and...
  6. Morganite

    If a horse has white hairs throughout their coat, will they go grey?

    Ok, I bought this pretty little girl two years ago. Her papers, and coggins labeled her as black. She can be black or bay depending on the time of year. Today as I was grooming her, I noticed a bunch of white hairs throughout her coat. A few days ago, while reading through a thread, cannot...
  7. hsrascal

    Clipping vs. Shedding naturally to determine color?

    I clipped my yearling, and now I'm wondering if I should have waited for a natural shed. It's been grossly hot and I knew he was suffering but I have a dilemma. I can't figure out what color he is and I would like to send in his papers soon. He has a lot of gray hairs in his coat, but is...
  8. minihingstar

    Wild bay ?

    I'm starting to think that my mini is wild bay, people said to me before that it can take some before their legs become dark. But my boy will be 3 years next year and still not even close to have a black sock. He has 3 white hoofs and socks but one black hoof and that leg is beige/gay at color...
  9. D

    What color is our new filly?

    mommy is a bay but has a light dorsal strip, daddy is a silver dun. The filly is a light tan but looks to have dark hairs under the tan. she has a brown dorsal strip and eyes are not blue they are brown but do have a blue tint. and i must say shes the cutest thing ever second pic is daddy
  10. Cupcake

    Potbelly, Color, Registration newbie questions :)

    It's been 3 weeks since the accident and my little girl has recovered SO WELL! I'm so glad as the vet had no idea if she would, he flat out told me that if she had hurt her abdominal wall, it would most likely be fatal. After the first day fever scare, she got better every day and is now all...
  11. Lil Timber Buck

    Videos of show classes

    Okay, I know I am not posting a video, but I am looking for a good set of videos on youtube, a website, a facebook post or something online of the show classes. I have no idea what they are looking for and reading through the AMHA rule book is making me really confused. I need to see it in...