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  1. Tess

    Growing Our Farm - A Question Regarding Foals

    Hi Everyone! It has been a while since I last was on here. Anyway, I had a question regarding foals. So, we have the land, and are considering making our little "farm" a bit bigger (adding more animals). We want to get a few sheep eventually, and more minis. A friend, who is downsizing her...
  2. Erickson Miniature Horses

    What color is my filly?

    What color would you say my filly Belle is? She was registered as a sorrel, because that's what color she was when she was younger. But her reddish brown mane turned flaxen when she was 2 years old. Now it has turned white as a 3 year old. Is she a palomino? I don't feel that her body is a light...
  3. Minifoal

    Filly has a Rash on her Nose?

    Hello, I wanted to see if this is normal or should I treat it with something gentle? My filly born Aug. 7th., who we have named Sky has developed what I would call a rash on her nose. It's not visible in photos, so not bad, but I don't want it to get bad. I was told to put Tea Tree Oil on it...
  4. Minifoal

    Foal Care Advice

    Our mare just foaled a gorgeous little appy filly. It is trying to eat her feed at 3 days old so I am putting her feed in a trough so she can't reach it. I have care questions & would appreciate your help. 1) When is it ok to let her eat pellet feed with her Dam or when do I feed her in her...
  5. Minifoal

    The "SKY" is the limit!

    We are sooo excited about our new filly. Our Mini Mare Twilight had a real beauty! Not sure how to word what kind of Appy she is, but I do know she's black with lots of spots & the cutest blaze...LOL Think we are going to call her Sky. She's going to be triple registered because her sire is...
  6. secuono

    A new critter coming soon!

    Hello all! This is my first post, I believe. I'll be visiting a little filly tomorrow afternoon. Hopefully she checks out and I'll bring her home with me! She is around a year old and pampered. I have a roughly 30x80ft area she will be in for now right by the house. It's all chainlink fencing...
  7. Cupcake

    Attacking, biting, rearing - HELP

    My ~30" 17 months old mare thinks she's a 17hh stallion. I'm at my wits end and it's embarrassing to know I have a goofy 16.2 hh gelding that I have under control and this little girl thinks she can treat every human being like her personal punching bag. As I posted a while back, she has a bad...