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  1. GoldenTree

    Shed Color?

    What color will she shed? Her winter fluff is a beautiful red color but when I part it and look underneath it is dark. The second picture is of last summer when the breeder clipped her and she was much darker. Is the darker color what she will shed too? And is she considered bay or brown? Just...
  2. Erickson Miniature Horses

    What color is my filly?

    What color would you say my filly Belle is? She was registered as a sorrel, because that's what color she was when she was younger. But her reddish brown mane turned flaxen when she was 2 years old. Now it has turned white as a 3 year old. Is she a palomino? I don't feel that her body is a light...
  3. Erickson Miniature Horses

    Foal Color

    My weanling Luna was born a sorrel, but is now getting more and white hairs in her coat. Does this mean that she could be changing color? I know that some people say its like opening a present the next spring because they change color so much. If she is changing color, what color could she...
  4. suz

    what would cause this zig zag pattern on his back?

    Just noticed this weird zig-zag pattern on mock's back and can't figure it out. Seems to be on the tips of his hairs, not at the base. Has anyone ever seen something like this before? I haven't used any new sprays or anything. Just curious. Thanks! Suz and Mocko
  5. suz

    Brewer's yeast

    I'm thinking of starting my guy on brewer's yeast to try and get rid of his "pot belly" since I've read posts that this can work. Can I use "human" grade or do i need to get the kind specifically marketed for horses? Also how much should I feed? He's around 220 lbs. ( p.s. He also gets round...
  6. shalakominiatureshowhorses

    Super 14, how has it worked for you? Pics maybe?

    I just bought a supplement that was suggested to me for Jazzy's hopeless coat and mane. I read up on the reviews from people with all types of horses. They said it has worked like a charm for them in a month or two. If ya'll have used it before or are using it, what are your reviews on it??? Im...