What an a lunch!!!

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Sep 18, 2007
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Plymouth IN
So it was a very fast drive home on my lunch to catch our National Camp. mare and her 3 week old filly.

When I got there my Grandparents were like we have tryed to catch her but she just runs away!! It took me a little bit of Grain and about 2 min. to get her

I am a bit worried about the filly because she got pretty HOT she was acting ok when I left but I am still worried about her.
I'm glad you caught them and hope the filly will be fine for you!

I lost most of my herd a few days ago in the middle of the night! That was a mess!!! :DOH!
Sounds like my night. Get home to find some friends there to see the new baby.

Stormy, who we gelded in November, was out and challenging Mic, one of my stallions in the barn yard. Then Thumper, another of my stallions decides to jump out of his 4' stall and run around and lather himself up. Next, Kid, our 2yo colt bumps against his stall door enough to bust the latch. Luckily he didn't realize it and ran back into his run. Plus one of my mares got out of her pen, and one of them managed to knock over my feed tubs, feed table, and several piles of tires that I use for stacking hay on. They didn't get into any grain, but sure made a mess.

SO I put the mare in, put Thumper back in his stall, and went to get Stormy. Turned around and Thumper comes trotting back out of the barn "Look at me!!" Put him back in, put Stormy in, and everybody pretty much calmed down and acted like nothing had happened!!
Well everyone seems to be ok!!

Wow it's sounds like alot of people are dealing with the same thing!!!

hope everyone is ok



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