Wee Ones urine testing

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Mar 12, 2006
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Suffield, CT
What you want, I believe are the urine tests to determine if a mare is pregnant. Do a google search on Wee Foal urine tests to find dealers. There are 2 tests - one good from 38 days to somewhere around 100 days after last breeding, and the other is a totally different test for mares 120-300 days pregnant. I had very poor luck with the Wee Foal 38 this past year, as did other forum members. As a matter of fact, the two foals we just had were both negatives on the Wee Foal 38, although we retested one mare on the same urine and she tested positive. Nothing like hedging your bets!! I like the Wee Foal 120 because it tests for something produced by the fetus so will not give you a false positive if the mare slipped he foal. Also, I had much better luck with it.