We have puppies....YAY

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Feb 25, 2004
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Well Rheba did it again..went exactly on her due date. so far this is her third litter with me and she's been exactly on. I've been stressing out that this would be the one time that she didn't go on her due date since i was leaving friday to go to an out of state horse show and had no idea what i was going to do with her if she didn't go before then! So far we have 5 big healthy puppies. She may be done b ut I'm not convinced she's really done. she's still panting very heavily and i could have sworn i felt two more pups in there one time (though sometimes i can't feel anything so who know's). she was resting with no panting for a half hour or so. started questioning myself but she's panting again so who know's.....

anyhow I have 1 Red Merle female (natural bobbed tail), 1 blue merle female, 1 black tri femals (natural bobs) 1 red tri male.
I would love (LOVE) to see pictures!

Are yours miniature aussies or full size? I'd love to have a full size Aussie one day
Mine are full size aussies. My program basically surrounds almost primarily working lines ( a bit of conformation lines thrown in but mostly working) with good conformation. I end up getting 2-3 show quality (ie. conformation ring) in each litter , which is really awesome since they aren't showl ines, but they are heavily working bred. they are SOOOO intelligent. great dogs.

I'm going to try to get photo's of them each week to put on my web page. I'm planning to keep one from this litter so i'm not sure how i'm going to work out selling them since most people seem to want to buy when they are real young and you can't tell their conformation and such until they are at least about 6 weeks ok... so people are just going to have to wait until i get my pick! lol
I don't blame you a bit for waiting to decide on your pick!

One of the best dogs Harvey and I ever had was an Aussie mix (x Border Collie). One day, we want to have an Aussie that would remind us of her (Mo).

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