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Jan 24, 2024
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Michigan, USA
Pasture bred mare with a surprise BOGO foal. In with stud from 4/16/23 to 6/2/23. Based on her being in visible heat when she went in we are somewhere between 334 days and 361 days depending which cycle she took 😭

She's been low on and off and loose for weeks now, and I've been monitoring the camera at night since the end of February just to be safe.

Today her bag didn't decrease by half size while turned out so that's progress! And she has some clear, sticky liquid. It's a relief to not worry she will be a maiden that bags an hour or two before foaling or not at all! She laid down a good chunk of last night, usually she only lays down once during the night.

Figured I'd do a little update as a few members have been very helpful and kind, and may be wondering how it's going!


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I was definitely wondering. Are you tired of being up all night watching her yet? 🤣 My last 2 foals have gone quite a bit past their "due dates" so I have spent way too much time watching mares. But she is coming along nice and it shouldn't be too much longer now.
I was definitely wondering. Are you tired of being up all night watching her yet? 🤣 My last 2 foals have gone quite a bit past their "due dates" so I have spent way too much time watching mares. But she is coming along nice and it shouldn't be too much longer now.
Im SO over it 🤣 my husband was complaining about the alarms waking him up, and I said "oh yeah? I'm surprised you can hear them over your snoring!" 😂 He sleeps through 99% of them. So far I've been doing every 2-2.5 hours. I'll probably have to shorten the gaps here soon but not looking forward to it! We've got some clear crusties this morning but I wouldn't necessarily say she's waxed. And she had her vulva squeezed tight 🤦‍♀️


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@HeritageHollowFarm hows she doing? Been a while since an update.
Still pregnant 😭 she's got clear fluid in her udders but they're still up and down with fullness and no real pattern to it. Last night they were fuller than this morning. She's just torturing me at this point!


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She has a bigger bag, I did squeeze just a little and got a bit, tried to use pH strips but it's pretty sticky so it wasn't absorbing into the pads well. Meaning it went from looking like a 6.25-6.5 to a minute later looking like a 7.5. instructions stated to dip for one second and read immediately. But they're also urine/saliva strips so not sure if it makes a big difference.

She was drinking a ton of water today, and is nipping at her belly while eating tonight so we will see I suppose.


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Looks like your mare is right on the same schedule as mine. Cloudy milk this morning and not much of a bag. She has been irritated with biting, swishing, stomping, butt rubbing for now the 4th day. Poor baby, for both of our sakes, I hope it happens soon. Not getting much sleep! I have PH strips but read somewhere it is easy to rely on the color of the milk. If it is creamy it is ready! Good luck! post pics when it happens and I will do the same!
We have even better udders. Slab sides. She's eating like an absolute hog, cleaning up her hay from last night and picking through the leftover hay I reuse as bedding. 🤞 We go soon. I thought it would be fun to have a 4/24/24 foal but I don't think we are that close.


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Has she been showing any signs of phase 1 (getting foal in place)? My mare has been rolling the last few days, rubbing her butt, tossing head, yawning, up and down and eating like a pig. I am a little worried but am giving her until tomorrow before I trailer her into the vet to have her checked. She seems pretty worn out but continues to eat, drink and poop, pee so waiting until tomorrow. This is my mares 4th foal but I have no other history other than that. Her bag is very small. Has anyone out there had some experience with this? I know the first stage before contractions is only for a few hours to a day, so I am starting to be very concerned. I would appreciate any input.
This afternoon she has been walking with her tail raised, and for a bit there she was laying down and breathing kind of hard, I got the stall ready and then when I came back out she was grazing 🤦‍♀️
I was definitely wondering. Are you tired of being up all night watching her yet? 🤣 My last 2 foals have gone quite a bit past their "due dates" so I have spent way too much time watching mares. But she is coming along nice and it shouldn't be too much longer now.
I thought she was in early stages yesterday, got her stall ready with straw and nothing 😂
Tonight we have full udders, some sugaring(which grosses me out thanks to trypophobia) and sweet colostrum according to my taste test volunteer. It went from sour to nothing to sweet this am and pm.

Here's hoping but I'm guessing she'll hold out. My friends mini was bred 3 weeks after my mares last cycle with the stud and she foaled today. 😭


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I am at 340 days with my mare. Looks to be progressing about like yours. I am expecting at least another week. But watching on the camera every night! Yours looks to be a little ways off too. But who knows??
WE HAVE BABY MILK! (Breeder friend of APHA and AQHA confirmed, within 24 hours we should have a foal!)

I'm so excited and terrified. Especially as I just found out my vet is out of town for a family emergency. Thankfully his wife is here and has experience foaling. Hopefully I won't need it!

I cannot wait to see this baby and I'm just praying everything goes textbook, but I'm as prepared as I can be if it doesn't.

I believe we are at 349 days. But the last day she was with the stud was 329 days ago so either way we should be safe!


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We have a filly! Born at 22:46
Momma did SO good. Baby is spunky. Took a bit to get the hang of latching but she's got it and they're doing well. I'm so grateful! I'll post more pics in the morning


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