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Dec 11, 2018
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I love tracking my time and miles driving but haven't been driving much at all this year. Mostly I've been walking and hiking with my two boys. We have really put the miles down, having walked 92 miles since January. This month we have really started to walk so we can all get legged up for some more difficult and long hikes this summer. I would like to hike into some mountain lakes and camp with my two ponies a few times this summer!

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I thought it would be fun for some of us that walk our ponies and don't always drive, or in some cases some may not drive at all, to track our miles. If there is interest in this let's discuss! And maybe if someone knows just which forum this would fit into the best let me know.
Walks down the road or in your pasture count as much as hikes in the mountains. I have driven most of my routes on the road in my car so I know exactly how far I am walking with them. I also use an app on my phone called Strava. This app will work even when I am not connected to data. It will track our walks and keep track of how far we have gone and our elevation gain. But it won't save our walks if I'm not connected so in that case I will take a screen shot so I can record my distance when I get home!

I'm happy to have some people join me on this journey
We walked one mile this morning.
I wanted to get my two out on dry, hard surface for a little after standing on soft mud for a week. They don't go at the same gait, so sometimes it is a challenge. And it is difficult to do training when taking both. So it is just for exercise when I take them both at the same time.
I estimate we walked about 3 miles this morning. Technically it was ground driving since he was bridled. We did a little long-lining in the ring and then headed out, it was about an hour total and no dawdling so it could have been more! Lots of hills and water crossings. I need an app. :) He was awesome though - marched ahead the entire time and lots of BREATHING, relaxed whuffly snorts, which is a big deal for him in the bridle. A few nice trots (as long as my legs could do, ha ha!).

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