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Nov 30, 2002
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I had a conversation with Bonnie this AM about Fancys baby. Remember that mare that I had trouble with catching etc earlier this year. Well after Bonnie talked to her and I reasured her that she was safe now....we can catch her without even a halter on! Well to make a long story as short as I can, I have some people that are interested in her colt Lucky after they visited here. I told them that I had promised Fancy that she and her boy would always stay here. Fancy seemed to really like this couple and even went and put her head on the husbands lap as he sat there. Being as that was totally out of character for her I called Bonnie. Fancy does LIKE these people and would be fine with them having Lucky! So I will let them know today. She also mentioned a tall mare next to Fancy that was very worried enough to get an ulcer about wether or not she was staying here. Now Bonnie had no way of knowing that Hattie was in the lot next to Fancy. Most of you know how Hattie came with her Mom Cana when we got Cana for Ryan. Then she went to NC with Natalie , came home 9 months later and then 3 months after that I took her to Docs to be bred to Steel and now she is home again. She has been around the mulberry bush and back. I need to go out now and tell her she is home now. Those of you going to nationals even if you live in OK and can stop by and see Bonnie do that..... she has helped my horses IMENSELY and im the biggest skeptic going! IF you have any questions about your horses, they dont even have to be there make an appointment with Bonnie . She is the sweetest most caring person out there!

Thanks so much Bonnie for your help with my "kids"


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