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Apr 20, 2005
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Southwest Oklahoma
Somebody wanted to know what vet wrap is. It is rolled up rather like an ace bandage, but stretchy, thin, and sticks to itself so you can wrap it around a leg without using tape or other fasteners. When I wrapped Dapper Dan's feet to go on a slick floor, we wrapped it around the hoof a few times, under the hoof, then tucked the end under. He looked as though he were wearing orange shoes. It is ideal to carry a roll in your tack box and keep it handy for all kinds of uses. What did people do before vet wrap??

Polo wraps or standing bandages. I love vet wrap. But always becareful and don't wrap to tight. I always unwrap a long length then reroll it so I don't have to pull so tight to start it off. We use it alot to wrap clean tails at shows.
My husband has skin on his hands that cracks and bleeds it is soooo dry. He is a jeweler by profession and the heat from working on the metals I guess.....but anyway the vet wrap is really good for wrapping around fingers and hands. It stays put better than a band aide.
If you want to save some money go to the first aid section of your store... Buy the wrap that sticks to its self. You can use it over & over again. Says even can be washed. I am sorry but my packaging has been thrown away a long time ago.. What I bought is about 4 inches wide & was beige. It does stick & it is reusable...... This is great to wrap mares tails for breeding. Just roll it back up & use the next time..... You should be able to find it - just look for words like sticks to its self & reusable.
Vet wrap is wonderful stuff and I always have a few rolls on hand. I found some at my WalMart that is much cheaper than feed stores or pet shops. I was surprised to find it there.

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