US Marine Tosses Live Puppy Over Cliff

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A Yankee In NC

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Dec 20, 2007
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St Pauls, NC
[SIZE=12pt]The hairs on my arms are standing up, I have a lump in my throat and I feel like vomiting after reading this article and watching the streaming video of this vicious act by a US Marine![/SIZE]

I truly hope and pray that he receives the utmost of punishment for this disgusting display for the lack of respect for life.

I just cannot express in words my feelings of sadness for the puppy and the shock after seeing this video.
You are right, that is more than disgusting! There is no explanation for that at all! They even laugh and say how cute it is and then throw, not drop it off a cliff. I am nauseous after seeing that. It angers me that so many people watched it on You tube before it was removed or reported. What is the world coming to when you want to watch something like that over and over and allow it to remain. I am sickened and hope that there is some kind of remorse felt by those three, not for getting into trouble but for that horrible deed they committed.
I am at a loss for words.......I have so many things to say.....but at the same time, nothing. I really hope this does not escalate to the point the marine's family gets hurt or burned down, but I do hope that he (well, those involved) get the full punishment. Also, if this is a hoax/prank and the real puppy was not really thrown, I hope they get punished for that also. Sick, thats certainly one word for it. Coming from a military family (USMC, Army and Navy, family gatherings are fun, LOL) I know what kind of heck these guys go through, and it makes them numb to most/a lot of normal emotion......that said, I also can't imagine that somone would actually do this.
I've seen this before almost a year ago. It IS sickening so No don't even watch. If it is a hoax, they sure managed to play the "yelping" of the pup and the "thud" perfectly

I read that the family and even his girlfriend were harrassed so much they changed their phone #'s.

I hope they get him some help

I just could not watch the video
They should be thrown off a cliff in the same manner, Cruel, heartless cowards to treat any animal like that
I can't make myself watch it! That is so horrible and I REALLy wish we could throw the guy over the cliff :arg!
Sadly, I know enough about human nature to sort of understand a lack of compassion, even brutality under some circumstances. One thing I will never understand is how anyone could be so colossally stupid as to record an act of deliberate cruelty, and post it - how can they possibly not know that most people would have a problem with it? Military service may desensitize, but these guys weren't born in the military, did they not get any moral upbringing at all?
Totally infuriating and disgusting. I hope that poor pup died on impact and didn't lay there suffering for days. That monster should be thrown off that same cliff to find out !

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