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Aug 17, 2003
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We are taking this opportunity to give a brief update and to thank all of you for your help and support in signing our online petition to ask that the newly passed measuring rule be rescinded or at the very least, not put into effect until much further research has been done to ensure this is a wise choice and that it is the wish of the majority of AMHA members.

Our plan was to originally leave the petition up to gather signatures of support for one week only, but we ended up collecting them for nearly 2 weeks instead, and gathered and submitted to AMHA the list of 238 members, supporting our stance in this endeavor. We have been encouraged to continue to gather more signatures so have therefore decided that we will continue with the petition and ask all of you to keep this topic ALIVE! Print copies, take them to shows and functions. Bring this topic up at meetings, shows, club activities and/or any other Miniature Horse events and functions that you attend throughout the year. Summer is the busiest season for being amongst fellow Miniature Horse enthusiasts, so please take advantage and continue spreading the word. There are STILL soooo many people out there that are emailing that were totally unaware of this new rule change that is set to go into effect January '09, so we must continue to work hard to do our best to stop that from happening, and we need STRONG Member support! We urge you to do all you can personally, to help ensure this is given the full attention that it deserves.

A letter asking that the "base of the withers" rule be repealed or that a committee be formed to study all the consequences if the rule is implemented was "air expressed" to AMHA President, and was received on the morning of March 31, 2008. An email copy of the same letter and attachments was also sent to all members of the Board of Directors. We are still waiting for the Board's response to our correspondence. We have asked for a courtesy response from all that received this, and so far, of the 38 emails sent out, we have received only 14 have responded. We are also stil awaiting an official response from the President.

I am locking this topic to further discussion, because at this time, we know nothing more than what we have posted here, but wanted to THANK YOU, and include/update all of you that have supported us throughout our efforts thus far, and encourage you to continue with your own personal efforts throughout the year whenever you can! This is YOUR association, and it is time YOU were heard, but no one will hear you if you remain to keep quiet.

Just remember...there IS STRENGTH IN NUMBERS!

Petition - http://www.ipetitions.com/petition/amha_measuring/index.html
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