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Nov 30, 2002
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How awesome is this?

Starting 2014 AMHA will offer a Halter Stock Horse Division. All of the details are not worked out yet, but local shows can offer classes and there will be 11 classes at World in 2014.

For those who breed and prefer the more stock type miniature horse.Now IS The Time!

This is a very exciting time for us as AMHA members as our association provides even more options for our horses.

We will now have 2 divisions of halter horses and classes for each type.

Watch the AMHA web site for future news on this exciting new concept.

*****UPDATE **** The AMHA Stock Division is heading for the wire! This committee has worked day and night to have all of the information pulled together in what must be record time. The committee has an international judge on it and input from another one for all who worry about judging issues. YOU decide what division you want to show your horse in. Hopefully the guidelines will answer most of your questions and the final product should be available in less than a week. Frank is receiving daily calls and emails from those anxious to participate so we are hoping that this will make a lot of AMHA members happy.*****




FIRSTLet me say that I am not an official representative of AMHA. I am a member of the Stock Type Halter Division Committee. If you have questions not answered by the official information below please call the office (remembering that this is a new Division and the office may need a little time to gather the correct information for you)

Let the excitement begin!

The AMHA Stock Type Halter Division is a new concept in the American Miniature Horse show world. AMHA is presenting this new division in a test format. If you are as enthusiastic about this new division as are so many of the people contacting us, there are three things you can do to ensure that this new division becomes a permanent part of AMHA. Those things are:

1. Contact your regional Director and let him know how enthusiastic you are about this new division.

To find the Director's contact information go to the


Click on your state and the information will appear.

2. Contact your local club or other persons putting on shows and request that the Stock Type Halter classes be added this year.

3. Most Important**PARTICIPATE ** . The bottom line for perpetuation of this division will be the number of horses entering the classes so get out there and have fun and know you are a part of something new and exciting! The AMHA Show Rules Committee has expressed their commitment to have the full slate of 31 classes ready to present for membership approval at the AMHA Annual Meeting 2015.




Official Information:


(classes for 2014 are nonrated. (no points will be awarded)

Minimum classes to be offered at a local show in 2014:

Youth mares and geldings

Amateur Mares

Amateur Geldings and Stallions

Open Mares

Open Geldings

Open Stallions

Stock Type Halter Division classes which will be offered at World 2014 and may be offered at local shows in 2014 if desired:

Youth Mares

Youth Geldings

Amateur Mares

Amateur Geldings

Amateur Stallions

Open Junior Mares

Open Senior Mares

Open Junior Geldings

Open Senior Geldings

Open Junior Stallions

Open Senior Stallions

Stock Type Halter Division

Standards of Conformation and Movement

GENERAL IMPRESSION An attractive horse where everything is proportionate and all parts tie in smoothly. All gaits are smooth and purposeful exhibiting natural athleticism. Horses are judged on balance, structural correctness and sex characteristics. Of these, balance is the most important.

S TA N C E - The American Miniature Horse Associations Stock Type Horse normally stands at ease with his legs perpendicular to the ground and parallel with each other. The horse should exhibit a balanced stance and stand on the corners of his body, as opposed to being spread too far apart or crowded too close together, or parked out.

H E A D - The head of an AMHA Stock Type Horse reflects inquisitive intelligence. He has a short, broad head that is straight or slightly dished topped by small to medium ears hooked towards the center line at the tips; kind wide-set eyes; large nostrils; small muzzle, and firm mouth. A domed forehead is a fault.

N E C K - The head of the AMHA Stock Type Horse joins the neck at a roughly 45-degree angle, with a slender throatlatch allowing him to move easily in any direction while maintaining his balance. The medium to long neck should be slightly arched and blend smoothly into sloping shoulders.

S H O U L D E R S - The AMHA Stock Type Horses short strong back is created by deep sloping shoulders tying in well back.

C H E S T A N D F O R E L E G S - As demonstrated by the heart girth and relatively wide-set forelegs, the AMHA Stock Type Horse is deep and broad in the chest. Smooth joints and short cannon bones are set on clean fetlocks and medium length pasterns are supported by healthy hooves. The forearm tapers to the knee, whether viewed from the front or back.

B A C K - The short back of the AMHA Stock Type Horse is full and strong across the loins. The barrel is formed by deep, well sprung ribs which extend to the hip joints. The underline, or abdominal area, should rise cleanly to the flank. The point of the croup should be no higher than the top of the withers. The tail is set off a long, rounded croup.

H I N D Q U A RT E R S - Viewed from either side or the rear, the hindquarters are broad, deep and adequately muscled through the thigh, stifle and gaskin down to the hock. When viewed from the rear, there is adequate width extending evenly from the top of the thigh to the gaskin. The hocks are wide set, deep and straight.

B ONE S, L E G S AND HO O V E S - Flat, strong bones, smooth joints and proper angulations form a leg that is attractive and functional. The hooves are proportionate to overall conformation

MUSCLING -The AMHA Stock Type Horse should have muscling adequate to function, but is not a heavily muscled breed. Overly heavy muscling is a fault.

MOTION- Stock Type horses track straight and true with a ground covering motion. At all times they should appear confident, balanced and athletic. Excessive knee and/or hock action is a fault.

Stock Type Illustration

amha stock mini 3 web.jpg

Standards and Style

1. Stock division horses will be shown in a stock horse manner with the horse standing still, calm and square. Baiting will be strongly frowned upon.

2. The handler should stand towards the left side of the horses center line, more or less facing horse.

3. Stock type/western show halters will be the accepted standard. At local shows a clean/new nylon halter will suffice. An Arabian type halter is unacceptable.

4. Leads may have chains, but chains may only go under chin and not over the nose or in the mouth.

5. Shaving/razoring of heads will be contrary to accepted style. Clipping is permitted.

6. Banding or braiding of manes is contrary to accepted style.

7. Pulled or undercut manes are acceptable.

8. Manes should be natural and of moderate length.

9. Tails should be off the ground.


1. A horse may not show in more than one halter division at any show with the exception of color classes. Versatility is considered a performance class and this does not apply.

2. There will be no instances of halter competition between horses representing stock and the other division such as supreme champion classes.

3. Current rules for handlers dress will apply to both divisions.

4. Current halter ring pattern will be used for both divisions.


Q. Will classes at Local shows be official?

A. Yes when they finish working their way through the system in time for the 2015 annual meeting. For 2014 they are non rated.

Q. If a horse shows in the Stock Type Halter Division at a local show can the same horse show in the other Divisions Halter classes at World?

A. Yes

Q. How will a horse qualify for World in 2014?

A. There are no qualifying requirements for Stock Type Halter for the 2014 World Show. However, if you wish to enter other classes at the World Show, the horse will have to qualify for those.

Q. If I show Stock Type horse in versatility or color, how shall I present it.

A. Judges will judge the horse against the standard for which the horse is presented. If you wish your horse to be judged according to the Stock Type standard, your horse should be presented using the tack and style for a stock Type horse.

Q. Will Stock Type classes count towards Honor Roll?

A. Since not all shows will have the opportunity to add Stock Type classes during 2014, due to the fact there may not be time to add them, Stock Type classes will not count towards Honor Rolls for 2014.
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While I do prefer "using" horses, my initial thought reading this is, "Really? MORE classes?"
I look forward to hearing how this goes over.

I can't agree with the insinuation above that the two choices are "greyhound" and "stock horse" types.

My first thought was--I hope AMHR never follows suit, because we sure don't need any extra "type" classes at our local shows.
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That is great!!!!!! This makes me wish I could show AMHA. As the owner of a B size stock style horse I can only hope that maybe AMHR will eventually decide to do the same.
That is great!!!!!! This makes me wish I could show AMHA. As the owner of a B size stock style horse I can only hope that maybe AMHR will eventually decide to do the same.
Couldn't agree more. Despite I don't agree with them closing down the registry this is a step towards the right direction and anxious to see how this plays out.
While I'm not against these classes per se, with the current financial status of AMHA I don't see how we can afford to add 11 classes. I thought there was a moratorium on adding classes at the World Show?

I also heard that in these classes, the horses will show with shortened/pulled manes and shorter tails. Some of these horses might also compete in driving and liberty. I'm hoping the shorter manes and tails are optional.
Val, a good question and this exactly was brought up at the meeting. Frank broke it down financially for the membership. As I understand it, the classes on which there is a moratorium are classes divided off of an already existing class (like another height break etc)and the class they are wanting to divide doesn't even make. Dividing it will cause a greater financial loss. The 11 stock type classes will bring new horses to the show bringing in more revenue to AMHA.

I'm sure he can explain it to you better than I can.
Many years ago we had classes for model stock and model refined. Not sure that was the exact name, but you get the idea. When the same horse started winning both classes, we did away with it. FYI. Will it be like driving, i.e., pick a style and stick with it for the show season.
I would like to learn more about this. I have been refraining from showing at the AMHA shows in my area because most of my horses are of a stockier build and I couldn't compete with the arab type primarily shown there. We don't have any local AMHR shows close to me so I have been focusing on open and pinto shows. This would give us the opportunity to compete with the big guys. I hope it works out.
I think it could bring in more new people and thus more money , a great idea
..."these classes are for the modern, athletic, using type of horses many are breeding today." Horses with more of a 'stock' type of conformation which I suspect there are thousands of them out there just waiting for a place to show. Now they can go show in their halter classes then go drive or jump or do obstacle or showmanship.....the 'all around' kind of horse.
Absolutely ridiculous! The last thing needed is more classes and more expense! I had actually written Jim and suggested that fewer classes are in order and get rid of this everybody gets a ribbon mentality before AMHA is bankrupted. Cut halter classes in half, fewer size divisions until entries justify otherwise. I won't show any more especially at the world show where classes have 11 or 12 entries, sometimes fewer. The value and prestige is gone and I just can't justify throwing thousands of dollars to show where a top ten is really no longer the big deal it used to be. I quit breeding last year and sold or gave away most of my horses. I am down to a gelding, two stallions and two mares. Hate to do it, but I think I will have to sell the stallions after I geld them.

The addition of an entire division is going to make the halter classes even smaller than before and I don't know if you guys know how expensive those awards are but they are incredibly expensive.
Hey Jody, Thanks for your input. Why don't you contact Frank to get a better understanding of this concept.
Jody, I am sorry you feel this way...Here are some of the issues we looked at. First of all, there are very few AMHA horses that can compete in the classes with the ultra refined, extreme type that they are pinning. Since they feel they can't compete they don't come... we hope this will draw some people to the local shows, regionals and even worlds. This will allow those who can't compete in those classes to bring a horse that might not be as upright, not QUITE as refined. Instead of allowing an increase in the height to attract more folks... this is allowing more of the horses that meet AMHA's height requirements to do well in a halter class. There are lots of things to iron out as they figure out how to "define" the type. But basically the horse would be shown as the quarter horses and paints show, not as much baiting and stretching, tail would not be on the ground, no razoring, and using a western type halter. As far as pulling and shortening main, we discussed that the mane should probably be "natural" since it would be next to impossible to pull a mini's mane, and it would probably end up sticking straight up. These horses would also be competing in performance events, so we really don't want them to be "stand outs" so we discussed just allowing the mane to be long.

This is a TRIAL period for 3 years. We have not committed to keeping it if it is not a success, but I truly think it will have very full classes.

The judges are already there for the world show, the building is already rented, the awards will be paid by entries, it won't "cost" AMHA anything.

This isn't adding anything outside of our current breed requirements. These are horses 34" and under that meet the breed requirements are correct but different than our current extreme arabian type that are winning.

We do not need to divide the classes that we already offer at worlds, we need to include some classes that will draw something that will draw additional horses.

I personally have horses that have beautiful conformation just not as upright and extreme ... we may bring them back into the show ring this year since they will be more competitive! I am EXCITED about this! Don't shoot it down until we give it a try.

It will be up to the judges to stick to the standards for each type and make sure that they don't pin extreme arabian type in the Stock/Classic Type classes
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I wish everybody well and hope for you that it works out.

I hadn't heard talk of increasing height, that would have been a travesty. That for sure would have caused me to cancel my lifetime membership in AMHA.

I still think you need to look at the existing class entries and reduce the number of splits by height until entries justify more classes. At least allow local shows to split or combine halter classes in a way that makes sense based on entries. I've been to too many shows where there will be a 28" and under horse, maybe 2 28 - 30, and so on. Besides making it like watching paint dry and everybody getting a ribbon and 1/2 points, allow that class to be 34 and under and remind the judge that the rulebook is quite clear that all things being equal, the smallest horse wins.

I don't have a dog in the hunt any more, I am no longer showing for many reasons, one being a greedy person who has the money and employees to have the horses to dominate the entire open and ammy divisions in EVERY class at EVERY show in our region. No, the person doesn't show AOTE, but there is just a different atmosphere at the shows now than there was before. The camaraderie is gone, and I just don't enjoy spending thousands of dollars for ribbons that aren't going to increase the value of my horses.

In everything you have to ask yourself what's in it for me? when I answered this time, the answer was wasted money, exhaustion, wasted vacation time.......

For me the straw that broke the camel's back was a farm that moved a few miles up the road with 100+ minis and 100+ ponies and has the money to advertise. The market has been diluted so badly here by that move.

As I said, I wish you the best, hope it works, I can see that it could and our greedy person will be thrilled to have several more horses to show....... Our horses really don't fit in that division, they are closer to the other but not quite there and I am not into either look, and refuse to razor as I think it looks terrible.

Time to see if I can return some enjoyment for myself with my horses and decide a course from there.
I am all for bringing in new people to show, but I am not sure this is the way to do it. I am willing to see how it goes though. The first year it may bring in people with somewhat stockier minis or the all around horses that WE breed for. But how long will it take for big breeders to see it as another class to put their horses in? Surely big breeders will also have horses of this type, but perhaps they are being left home now? One of the reasons we like to show at Pinto shows, and even local unrated shows, is that when you have at most TWO halter classes, the big breeders stay away and you get the kind of competition I think you are looking for. When I show I like to feel I am showing against "people like me" (but probably younger LOL!) and that on a good day with judges that think like I do, I have a chance to win. But I don't like to win just because I have the only horse in the class.
..."these classes are for the modern, athletic, using type of horses many are breeding today." Horses with more of a 'stock' type of conformation which I suspect there are thousands of them out there just waiting for a place to show. Now they can go show in their halter classes then go drive or jump or do obstacle or showmanship.....the 'all around' kind of horse.
But isn't this the kind of horse that the standard of perfection calls for? And isn't this the kind of horse horse that should be winning the halter classes? Just a thought ...

I would hate to see Miniature Horses end up like the Quarter Horses, so specialized in their breeding that halter horses/pleasure horses/reining horses doesn't even look like the same breed. One of the very best things about the Miniature Horse is their ability to be an everything horse, and I feel like by adding this class the registry is acknowledging that they are encouraging the breeding horses that can win at halter but can't do anything else.

Just my thoughts, YMMV.
Those who are against it like Jody and I am in agreement with her is the class numbers are low at Worlds, so my question to those who are against it is what would you do to bring more people in to show?

I like this idea, just as much as AMHR coming up with they draft type halter class but I like the stock type class much better. There are a lot more stock type minis out there then your true draft type mini, love the idea of showing them in a western halter and not have them razored.

I hope tho that in the rules for this new class that no cross-entering will be allowed between the open halter class and the stock-type class and that a requirement is for them to show in a performance category class. That should not be a big deal. In AMHR for the draft type halter class you have to show in a draft driving class. The driving part isn't the problem it's the expense, the braids, the draft harness, the draft cart, which IMO keeps numbers down but I see the reason for it but if you saw the single draft driving class this year it was huge, mostly thanks to the draft halter class new people including myself started showing in the draft driving class. Or look at the Western Country Pleasure class this class is just as big as the Country Pleasure class, and take AMHA's Classic Driving class for example it looks big as well, and yet when another new division comes into play people are already against it before it has begun but to me I say give it a chance.

In a way I'm just disappointed this has come up after the registry closed. I had thought about hardshipping my 2 geldings in before they closed but they proved themselves already in AMHR I shouldn't need to prove them in another registry, especially one being 12 years old. Well that 12 year old gelding would have been perfect for this class. I consider him a "stock type" mini and he does well in performance with a HOF in Western and the other in Obstacle and he isn't that far for his Hunter HOF but not sure if I will take him back out for that or not, but for this class I would have considered hardshipping him in so I could show him in it, but that won't happen now, but I hope this class is a success.

My first thought was like what Jody said but reading Julies post I can see now how this could be wonderful. I am just wondering how y'all will "define" the type ? and thinking about that, it makes me wonder how the standard of perfection got so far off track as to make this even necessary?