Uh Oh, I'm in the Dog House with Hubby, but I have Lots of company!

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Jan 1, 2005
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Fullerton, Nebraska
My friend Mary needs your prayers. She is extremely heavy, and is in the hospital on a ventelator to help her breathe. Mary's husband died in a similar way a couple years ago and so we worry about her. She has no children... but she has three adorable doggies. I found out that Mary's dogs were being taken care of at her house by a few different people, it seemed more convenient to bring them here. I have a huge fenced back yard and offered to take them for the duration, which could be a long time! She will be going for therapy and weight loss when she leaves the hospital.

Anyway, I have her three scotty dogs and I want to share.

First is Baby, she is the lone female. She and my cocker have gone around and around!


Next is Buddy, He always has a friendly smile on his face.


This is Popeye, he is my favorite. He is quiet and friendly and wants to be loved. Popeye is scotty/schnauzer/something else.


These are my two hoodlums, Sadie is the cocker spaniel, and Micky is the large chihuahua.


Thanks for letting me share. I pray that these guys are quiet at night! I can't have them in the house like they are used to because they will mark the place up. They have a large yard and shelter. I am willing to spoil them!
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How VERY nice of you to take care of her babies for her. I'm sure she's much more able to relax and help herself get well knowing that they're being cared for. You're definitely a good friend!!
They're so cute!!! I am sure it means the world to Mary knowing her babies are in good hands
These dogs are a lot of fun. They like to play and are very active. So far they have been pretty good about not barking too much. I was a little worried about that since I live in town. My big concern is making sure they don't escape as they would run away from these unfamiliar surroundings. I fortified my fence yesterday all the way around, any place I thought they might dig. I don't see any evidence of an escape plan so they must be ok. They want in the house so bad! I would let them if I didn't have a male dog, but I don't need two more marking up my walls. Maybe they can visit inside one at a time. And...hubby kinda likes them, mostly because they will get to go home someday.
You are so sweet to take in your friend's dogs for her!

If you could find some inexpensive dog crates (at yard sales or online somewhere), you could have the dogs in the house at night if they were barking too much outside, or during the worst of the heat of the day. If they aren't used to be crated it would take a little time to get them used to it, but crates can be so very handy. My new rescue puppy LOVES her crate; sometimes she'll whine and I'll put her in her crate and she settles in for a nap; it's like her "den" and she really likes it. Of course she doesn't spend much time in there except at night, so that makes a difference.

Good luck with the dogs!
Thanks for the idea. I have one big crate and a small one. I hadn't thought of that. I'm less worried about heat than I am about how long I will have them, if it gets cold, I will need an alternative. My yard has several trees and one huge dog house and an igloo dog house. They also have access to my garage for shelter. Only one is a barker. Maybe with some firmness I can train that out of him a bit.
Oh what a true friend you are, and I am sure your friend is much relieved to know her babies are all


I do hope your friend is going to be ok, sounds like this is quite serious and I hope the best for her!
That was VERY kind and I hope your friend recovers quickly. It is surely one less thing for her to worry about so she can concentrate on herself and getting well, without fretting and worrying about how her fur kids are doing!!

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