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Oct 2, 2020
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Hello. Thank you for accepting me into your group. I've had my mini since 2013. I want to share this story about my mini. I am a native of Az. A little over a year and 2 months, my husband and I moved back to Az. Before we moved I knew I did not want to leave my mini across the country back in Ohio. I had a friend at the time come to Ohio and drive her back to Az. She drove them to her home in the White Mountains. My mini stayed with her for about a year. We moved into our home a year ago in August. We had to have the HOA and the city of mesa approve her. The city of Mesa said, "as long as she is not taller than a great dane". The HOA said "As long as your neighbors don't complain and you keep up on the poop. That is normal for cleaning up poop. So we did not have anything set up for her and just moved into our new house. . So when we're ready, we rented a trailer and brought her home from the white mountains..She was brought down and boarded for another 6 months with a friend. We had to get our back yard ready for her. We did So we were approved. she has been in my back yard for less than a year. We live in a normal neighborhood. I get comments about all the time when I go take her for a walk in the neighborhood. I was told that when I drive to have a poop bag on her in my neighborhood. I do have one. I get comments all the time about her. So she went from 51/2 acres to dry desert ground in Az. to 1 acres grass to a back yard with no grass. She also lives alone in the back yard. That is truly a downside. She has had to go thru a lot of changes. In Ohio we found out after buying her she knew how to pull a cart. So I found out by trial and error learning how to drive my mini this is my favorite activity. I would like to compete, but because of COVID there will not be any comps. So this is my story about my mini. I hope all who reads this will enjoy this story. This is a true story about my mini.
Welcome. My mini will eventually be alone in my backyard too. Not ideal, but has other animal friends. And a LOT of people attention. I can't wait to being my new mini "home".

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