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Nov 3, 2004
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I havent seen my filly nurse on a different mare, but I saw her nurse on my GELDING
I was going to ask this question for a while now, but was afraid to offend someone. So now I will after seeing this today. I have two gelding is the nursing thing normal between a yearling and a two year old? and if it isnt what are you supposed to do. Is this just somehting that is part of the getting aquainted process?

Sorry if this offends anyone.
Sorry, but I am a bit confused as to what you are asking. It could be that I am pretty darn tired right now


P.S. Don't worry you won't offen anyone. The people here are here to help us out.
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We don't have any geldings but the weaner colts sometimes will try to suck of another one. But we found after a while one or the other puts a stop to it. Sorry l wouldn't know either how to stop them unless they get seperated. l don't think it's uncommon for that to happen and maybe is just a remembering the comfort of mom thing. The first time l saw a young one do that to another l don't want to say what l thought but when l asked around found a lot of others have seen that being done and didn't seem to worried. But yours seem to be a little older.