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Filipowicz Farm

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Aug 21, 2003
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Anyone else having trouble getting show results from AMHR. Cant get on since Monday.
Seems they were down all weekend and only worked for a short time yesterday and still down this morning. Hopefully they are fixing everything that is messed up. I was looking up two mares that I know are registered and the only way I could find them was to start with their dams and look at their produce records, the horses have AMHR numbers but couldn't get them to come up under their names and trust me I tried every way possible. So anyway hopefully it will all be fixed soon.
[SIZE=14pt]I couldnt get on either. I did like the change on the show results page where they added the judges..... did you notice that?[/SIZE]

I'm having trouble with it too, since the weekend.

Yes, Lyn -- I did notice the judges were added and I like that very much. I've been keeping track on my own but this makes it all the easier.
I've had problems with the new website ever since it's been done.
Maybe I'm just getting on there at a bad time? But it just doesn't seem "user-friendly" to me. I sure hope they fix it all, and SOON.
I'm able to get on this morning but wasn't able to this weekend either. The all-star points are still messed up. I like the new set up too

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