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Sep 17, 2006
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brandon, ms

We would love to know which studs you plan to bred this year for 2009.

Which ones do you think will get you your dream foals.

share with us how you decide which studs to use to which mares.

Tony you have some many nice horses it would be hard to decide who to match up with who

we would love to see another Keepsake foal born.
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You can see our stud roster here. We evaluate each individual mare's strengths and faults and compare the to same of the stallions to determine who we breed.

Keepsake's dam is in the foaling lot now. Will likely foal in four to six weeks.

Thanks for asking.
We love Keepsake.We can't wait to see his foals next year.

Who is Keepsake dam bred to for this year?

We love to see your foals.

Seeing your foals is like opening presents never know what you are going to get.
Tony, have you gotten any foals yet from Orion All Over??

I absolutely adore that stallion!!!!

Its been such a treat seeing the pictures of your

farm, such beautiful horses and colorful foals!

I have a mare that is sired by Little Americas Dee Sandman.

Any pictures of him avaliable?

I have a mare that is sired by Little Americas Dee Sandman.

Any pictures of him avaliable?

Sorry, but he was before digital pictures, so don't think that I have one available, but if I ever run across one, I will post it. He is a minimal tobiano sorrel stallion and was quite a good showhorse. He was Top Ten several times and tied in a three way tie for first one year.

I just checked Polly Hyde's book, AMHA National Award Winning Miniature Horses and in 1993 he was third, tied for 1st, out of a class of 48 Yearling Stallions 28"-32". Then in 1994 he was 8th out of 34 in Two Year Olds 30"-33".

His dam was a Xenon daughter out of a full sister to Rowdy.
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