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Abby P

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Nov 29, 2020
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New England
Not a quick joke, but I have a funny story that involves the Budweiser Clydesdales, from 20+ years ago. I had a friend who boarded her horse at a barn that was sometimes used as a stopover place for the Clydesdales when they traveled in the area. She had a barefoot trimmer out who was quite well-known at the time and used to travel all over in an RV, to look at her horse who had navicular. The trimmer arrived and hopped out of her car, took a look around, and said loudly in her piercing voice, "this place is a sh*thole!" (it kind of was). The barn owner, who was sitting on a bench about 20 feet away with his buddies, was laughing and my friend was about ready to run and hide. The huge rig carrying the Clydesdales had just happened to pull up a few minutes before the trimmer arrived and she ran over to the hapless groom who was unloading the horses and yelled to him, "You know they don't need shoes!!" I think if my friend could have summoned a sinkhole at will she definitely would have done it. 🤣 The Clydesdales, incidentally, looked perfectly cared for and impeccably shod. ;)