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Jul 11, 2005
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BC Canada
I was afraid with a mare on the property I might see more aggression in Chinook againand sure enough it's happening.

Over the long weekend we had a ton of company. I couldn't stress enough to the kids that they could play with the other horses, but to stay far away from Chinook. He's fine with me, but he's being just nasty when anyone else is around.

My mom and I have told my dad about how aggressive he could be before, but he never paid much attention until I had Chinook acting like a gentleman. Then because Dad didn't see it himself we must've been exagerating, right? I mentioned again that he should be gelded and was met with "the face".

I should explain our situation. We are three generations living on one acreage. Because we all live close it's best to work things out slowly and not stir up emotions. My dad loves horses and honestly I think he was hoping for foals, thus his reluctance to accept I was making a right decision. And like I said before, Chinook is beautiful and getting more and more so all the time. The temptation to see what he could throw is great, but not at the risk of someone getting hurt. (I have two kids 12 and 13 and all the other grandkids are a great deal younger - scary).

So, I set my dad up. Chinook was in a particularly bad mood (understatement) and I had him tied up across from the grain room. My dad and I were carrying feed bags down and originally I was just going to set them inside and pour them into the bins later, however I saw a great opportunity. I warned dad to watch his back and got in the opening of the doorway with the bags. I then started to pour the grain casually into the bins and sure enough Chinook took a kick at Dad. (Hey, I did warn him.) Dad got in close to the ponies butt and the next thing I knew there was a small rodeo going on. Dad was holding on to the horse with all his might while Chinook tried to pummel him.

I kept casually emptying feed bags like nothing was happening behind me. That's when I heard dad say "How do you like that?" I turned in time to see Chinook in headlock. I seems he tried to attack with the front end and Dad almost caught a mouthful of horse teeth.

Well in the end Dad got away unscathed and Chinook has a little more respect for him. Not quite how I might have handled it, however the outcome was worth the trip. Dad has decided Chinook should be gelded.

The vet comes a week from tomorrow.


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Oct 29, 2003
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Well done. Nothing speaks louder than actually DEMONSTRATING
You are doing the right thing, you know that, right?? No horse was ever born that is too good to geld. You can still have babies from the little mare if you want.

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