The agony of taking pictures!

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Jul 27, 2005
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You know, I realize that a clear picture is an "have to have" when selling foals. What do you do when you (me) am a clutz when it comes to photography??? I say it all the time about myself and the proof is in the puddin'. I can not take a picture worth a lick. Let me take you on my journey from today with Smoothie shots.

Here he is standing as pretty as you please and I thought I would get a great shot. BUT NO! Mom switches her tail!


I was able to crop a pretty head shot from it.


Then here I cut his ears off and the picture is not clear. I don't know why it is not coming out clear.


Then after sitting for a spell in the pasture he stands and no one else is around him. He is standing buttocks facing me and his head turned toward me. "People pay good money for shots like this" I thought to myself. Then he moved before my camera clicked. UGH! But I guess it is a nice butt shot. LOL


SO when you are going to buy a foal do you take a persons word that they suck arse when taking photos or do you think there must be something wrong?

HEY Is that a heart on Smoothie's hip? Boy went out and got a tattoo already, eh?

When it comes to taking pictures I'll take 100 just to get that 1 or 2 great shots. It helps if you have someone with you too.
I'm like Sheryl and will take A LOT of pictures just to get one or two. Very hard to take action shots when you have a delayed digital camera. Such a cute subject to have to take a bunch of pictures of tho.
Hi Sheryl! Yes, it appears to be a heart or a big check mark. To me it looks more like a heart. Here is a picture of it.


My camera sucks the life out of batteries. I suppose most digitals do. This was my first digital so I am not certain.
I love his heart mark!! Makes me smile everytime I see it. Even with help foal pictures are hard to get. I think its more luck of the draw. Abby and I were out trying once again to get pics of vick. Hopefully Ill post them in a bit.

Thats a great head shot!
I am the Queen of sucky horse photos. I just blame my camera. :DOH!

Cute little baby though! Love the heart
I know how you feel..I swear...I find that 'perfect' shot and then my camera just misses it or another horse sticks there head in OR my hair flys in front of the camera and it focus's on that....aaarrrggg...I agree..sometimes you have to take 20 to get 1 good one. Its fun tho...when you do get a great shot..or at least can crop it down to a great shot..hee hee

pretty foal, by the way
Well despite the hair and the butts and the blurriness, I think it's obvious he's a very nice little colt, so you don't have to worry about that. As for the hair and the butts and the blurriness...your guess on how to avoid them is as good as mine. :DOH!
It takes a good couple hours of sitting ground level before I can get a few good shots. Out of 100 its usually about 50 that are good for me. lol Try tieing Mama up or seperateing them for a few seconds. Long enough to get a few pictures. 1 its going to make that foal really stand up and 2 you get them alone. lol Otherwise alot of patience and a photo program to crop pictures. Try setting your camera to a larger picture size. (If you can) It will allow you to take a larger picture and still crop most of it down to a regular size picture.
Thank you for your compliments. He is a really nice boy. It is frustrating when you can not do him justice by what is suppose to be a simple task of taking a picture. I do really wish we could keep him.
You have a very nice colt congrats!

Just a hint incase you don't already know, rechargable batteries last much longer than any regular batteries,IMO. (I can get sooo many more pics. taken on a single charge, then I can with a good name brand regular batt.)

Plus you can recharge and reuse them many times, I've had mine for several years now, only time I've replaced any has been because they were lost. Saves me $ and frustration.

Best of luck with the new guy, he's a cutie.

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