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Dec 2, 2002
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After winter fur coming off and brushing more, I noticed a major swelling in the scrotum area. It is a 18 yr old who was with a pregnant mare till appr 2/3 mo's ago. It appears to be the testicle rather than a growth , but not sure. It is very firm and about the size of a softball. He is not in pain, gets very excited when a mare stalled next door, and had dropped when a mare in heat was close. Could it be from a kick perhaps or? The vet will be attending , but somebody on this form has usually encountered something similar. Would appreciate views.
Usually swelling from a mare's kick would have long gone away by now if he has been seperated two or three months.

I would be worried about a tumor of some sort....??

Perhaps Nathan will see this and add some input on possibilities, or someone else that might have more experience with problems like that, but from my own experience, I dont think it's from an injury.....

Let us know what the vet says...
Nope! Time for a vet to come out
A good palpation and ultrasound may be in order!

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