Sunburnt horse, need suggestions on good sunblock!

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Dec 16, 2002
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I have a freshly clipped horse that has lots of pinto markings. He was clipped with only a 10 blade and he also has a waterproof blanket on too protect his body. We also got Vetrolin shine and spray him with it every day and it is PABA sunscreen protection. This has happened before where he got sunburnt pretty badly but he had no protection except shelter and he was clipped with a 15 blade. Never happened before til last year and even in the past with a 30 and never did get sunburnt til last year with a 15. This year I was hoping we took every precaution but he is still getting sunburnt where the blanket isn't on him. No, I cannot keep him locked up, don't have a barn with stalls in them, but he has shelter.

I am looking for a good sunblock. I know there is Quicscreen but never used it and was wondering if its any good?

I think Quicscreen is a low sunblock... maybe SPF 8 or 15... it's more to prevent sunbleaching (such as a black coat or mane/tail) rather than preven sunburn.

I have used human sunblocks to great success... they make them in a spray too now and you can get a higher SPF if you pay for it!

I use a high number human sunblock on one w/ a big bald face whose muzzle will get sunburned in the summer. He is not clipped; personally, I would NEVER body clip a horse w/ pink skin underneath with anything that clips shorter than a # 10, and even then, the horse would HAVE TO have a sheet and neck cover or full hood, plus sunblock on any pink skin left uncovered by all that 'clothing', if it were EVER to be outside between 10 AM and 4 PM, at the very least--either that, or be reliably confined OUT OF THE SUN for at LEAST those hours...I have to wonder if your horse is becoming ever more sensitized to the sun by previous overexposure(i.e. previous extremely close clips)...

A friend who raises paint horses uses the large bottles of people sun block and puts it on with a small paint roller. she watches the dollar stores till they have the good brands in Qt bottles. she keeps the roller in a plastic bag to keep it from drying out. she doesnt clip at all. that pink skin just burns easily. DR.
I've never tried Quicscreen but I have also used human sunblock on Miniatures and "Big" horses as well. I'd be careful in the summer about it running into their eyes from sweat but other than that it works perfectly fine!! Hope this helps for your Pinto!

Last year I used 50 people NO AD from Walmart on my biggee. I was told to use Desitin for babies butts on the horses nose, it is thicker and will keep them from sunburning their nose...
Thanks everyone. I will go to the store today and get some sunblock. Also, and this is just my opinion, in the past we were competely fine clipping with a 15 on pintos or apps, and all of the sudden last year it was like the 15 clipped even closer to the skin and we had quite a bit of sunburns. So we switched to the 10 on any horse that has white, it clips close to a 15 I had in the past, I find it very wierd. Also the only reason I clipped him with a 30 in the past is because I had several trainers tell he would look better, he looked good, but never again will i do that, didn't do any damage but that was too much of a risk, shouldn't listen to some people but I was looking for help.
I always use human sun screen. Have never had one burn since.
We use a human baby sunscreen lotion 45 or 50 SPF on pink noses. It does get rubbed off, so you will probably have to apply it a couple of times every day.

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