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Nov 14, 2008
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Charles County in Southern Maryland
Our 2nd Buckeroo daughter didn't disappoint us either although she hung on so long! Not a maiden she carried to 341 days and drove us crazy a week with a rock hard bag and teats just right .... she definitely kept us guessing and on our toes!

Quite a handsome colt we have here ! At just 30 minutes old he was running laps in his stall and teasing momma on his rear legs – all without ever nursing! Born May 2nd, this tiny and refined colt wtih a 7.5 inch canon, is chestnut in color with a flaxen tail, red mane and the most perfectly shaped half crescent white moon on his forehead. FB comments have unanimously called it a DOLPHIN and suggested we name him FLIPPER - so that's his barn name for sure! HA

I truly envisioned a buckskin from this pair - or something dilute - definitely not a chestnut! Goes to show you never know LOL

His Dam Ebony is a 31 inch black Buckeroo daughter and full sister to Little Kings Buckeroo Trump! She also goes back to Rowdy on the dam's side.

His sire Dream is a 30.5 inch, palomino son of Komokos Little King Supreme and is out of Wittmaacks Freckles - a Johnstons Gold Boy daughter. Dream was shown and promoted successfully in the western region and became a National Top Ten Senior stallion. Little King realized his potential and genetic pre-potency as a breeding horse and purchased him back in 1997.

His half-sister Little Kings Buck Angelica was the highest selling filly in the 1997 Miniature Event Sale and became the AMHA National Champion Yearling Filly and National Champion Two Year Old Filly. Another half sibling to Dream is Little Kings Buckeroo Baccarra who is National Grand Champion Senior Stallion.

This colt also has the genetics to go places as this is LKF breeding at its best and always successful for them.

Allow us to introduce Flipper, with a close-up picture of his DOLPHIN shape on forehead .......... can you see it???? LOL


Ebony and her colt have already gone to pasture with Fallen Ash Scouts Exodus, our L&D Scout son for a rebreed. So anxious for 2012 to get the Scout/Buckeroo cross grand-foals! wow it'll be a long wait but oh so worth it! LOL

Thanks for letting us share yet another BOY at White Tails LOL


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Jun 18, 2005
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YAY I'm so glad you decided to go with Flipper for his barn name!
He is such a cutie, congrats! I have a Supreme Dream son here and I just love him to death, so I'm a big Supreme Dream fan. Can't wait to see your Buckeroo x Scout crosses next year, should be very nice!

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