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Jul 16, 2005
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Poulsbo, Washington
does amha require stallions to be tested for dwarfism before registry. i purchased a 28" stallion registered amha and want to know if i need to have a test run on him before breeding. I would asume that amha would not register a dwarf or a horse that could pass it on.
There is no genetic test yet so AMHA relies on the photos to detect those characteristics and will not register any of those foals. Sometimes they do get through, but later as adults they will revoke registration when the papers come back through for transfers or when the owner tries to take them permanent.

The AMHA genetics committee is trying to raise funding for research and one of their fundraisers is a raffle for a Lutke harness. If you want to buy tickets, please contact Libby Rosen of Misty Rose Farm and she will get them to you. Also, she will be selling those tickets at the World Show. This is for a certificate for a basic show harness, if you want to upgrade, you can do so when you order it. That allows you to pick what colors and any add ons you might want! Pretty cool idea.
Jody, when will the drawing be? I"ll be looking for tickets at World, have been eyeing a new one anyway.

I will have LOTS of raffle tickets, Jan, and welcome your contribution to the research project.


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