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Jan 4, 2024
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I think I've read all of the posts on flooring, and I have a question about the interlocking mats. I'm looking at some 4 x 6 interlocking, 3/4" thick mats from a company called JB Horse Standards. I have some 4 x 6, 3/4" thick mats, straight edges, but I feel like the interlocking would be nice, even though 4 x 6 would be really heavy to work with. I'm going to lay it over smoothed, flat crushed gravel. Have you had experience with these coming apart?

It's a sizeable purchase, so I am really wanting it to work. I've put in 2 little barns, roughly 31 x 24 each and need something over the gravel.


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I haven't had much trouble with the mats that don't interlock shifting. I can't imagine ones that lock together will be worse. But, mats get horribly slippery when they are wet, and rain is going to blow in at least on the edges. You could look into the grid systems that you put crushed stone over, or for our area I would just put the crushed stone and compact it. What is common here is called crushed stone or screenings, it's a little finer than what I see in the pictures, and it compacts hard. A lot depends on where you are and how you intend to use the area.

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