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I agree!!!
I was pleased with it and had actually hoped that Medium would be similar to it. I've lost interest in Medium, but enjoyed Ghost Whisperer. Hope they keep up the good story lines! I wonder if it's based on a true fact...I thought I heard that somewhere?
Yep - saw it.. thought it was quite good.

Also watched 3 Wishes -- good but skipped around so much it was a little confusing. I prefer Home Makeover Extreme Edition for the "fix up someone's life" shows.. but then why would I want to limit the number of shows running around helping people out???

Also saw parts of Inconceivable -- strange if you ask me.

YUP, I saw it, I liked it, Good show!!!

I also watched the premiere of Killer Instinct on Fox, that was GOOD too

I'm doing good this year, I haven't missed one new show premiere, had to tape a couple and watch later.

Good New Shows.......In My Opinion (in order from Best to Worst)....................


Ghost Whisperer

Killer Instinct

Criminal Minds

My Name Is Earl

The War At Home


Kitchen Confidential

Head Cases (they already cancelled it because of low ratings, but it was really good, with Chris O'Donnell)

I Did NOT Like.............


How I Met Your Mother

Out Of Practice (could get better)


Surface (not real sure yet if I like it)

And there are still many more new ones yet to premiere
It seems there are more new shows this year than usual.

I know I'm a TV junkie, what can I say.........I don't smoke, I don't drink, I watch as much TV as possible
I usually tape stuff and watch it at night when I can't sleep.
I actually liked it better than Medium. At first Ron was moaning and groaning about watching it but ended up liking it. I'm just upset with myself that I missed LOST. I wanted to see what was down there.

Okay.....Fill me me in on "Three Wishes"......when is it on and what network!?


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