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Oct 1, 2020
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Altus, SW Oklahoma
Horse people do more than strictly necessary. I read of sheath-cleaning, for example. This seems to be a mostly female thing.
Not something I would do, certainly. But I do peel chestnuts, those remnants of mammalian thumbs (as I think of them.)
I am not sure it does much for the horse - but I think of it like hoof-trimming.
I am fairly sure few horse people wipe their horse's eyes. I use a soft clean terry-towel square and gently wipe to the inner edgeof the eyes.
The towel usually comes away dirty. Perhaps because this is a specially dry, often dusty area.
I comb out mane and tail several times a week. It needs frequent application of Detangle spray.
Horses have no easy way to reach an itch in some parts, though they can easily feel a fly land on them.
Horses have surprising skill at reaching round and biting at an itch on ribs or legs
I occasionally see a rear hoof come forward to scratch some body itch. My horse will choose a convenient post to ease a head itch.
I see some horses will do the rhumba against a tree trunk too.
I get no pleasure when brushing him, from seeing a mild snow storm in hot weather, like dandruff, though I believe it comes from dried salt.
I think sheath cleaning is important. It can avoid the beans, which can cause so much discomfort and other problems. Also you can keep an eye out for any cancers or other abnormalities.

I wash my horses' eyes every day. Besides keeping them clean, it teaches the horses to tolerate having their eyes handled in case of any injury or checkup. Ditto for ears. They get checked every day for flies/ticks. They need to learn to have their ears handled.

And besides, it's relaxing and bonding to spend time on grooming!
One time it looked like Thunder had a hair tie or rubber band wrapped around his penis, up high in his sheath! Poor little guy, it was caked on mud or should I say clay 😝 he stood very still as I reached up in there and cleaned it all out. I think he was very happy to have it cleaned! All my little boys stand very still when I clean their sheath, but they do get it cleaned by the professionals once a year. My biggie has to be sedated!

Mine hate baths and fly spray but they are young and are still learning.

Thunder fell asleep laying down today in front of the fan. Mine LOVE fans! 💕

I don’t think peeling chestnuts and hoof trimming are similar at all.

I LOVE brushing and grooming mine ♥♥
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I do the occasional sheath clearing… My little Apaché is always ‘well hey there, that’s a bit forward isn’t it…??’ He’s like ‘Are you allowed to do that??’ He thinks I should be asking for his consent. 🤣 All my pants have holes or stains on the knees coz I’m always on my knees at grooming time or rugging time or just anytime I need to attend to the little mite.

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