Sky has an atttitude today.

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May 26, 2005
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Sky has a major additude today! Wanting to chase the dogs and being aggressive towards the goats. He even tried to bite me. Not typical behavior for him. At least not to this degree. I'm sure it's the stallion in him coming out today. He will be gelded in two weeks. Pleas tell me this will help this attitude problem he is having!! I really need some encouraging words right now.
Gelding may help tone him down, at least to some extent, but then again it may not make a whole lot of difference in the behavior you describe.

We have geldings (and fillies/mares) that will chase the dog, and there are certainly geldings and fillies here that I would not put in with goats. (Though I grant you that if these same horses were stallions they would probably be much more zealous about chasing & stomping dogs, goats & such than they are now!) Some of them just enjoy "playing" with smaller animals, and they don't realize that their playing and chasing can get too rough.
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Spice thinks my chihuahuas are great playmates...they're not as sure! haha. Anyway I think that with the gelding and maybe him gaining a bit more respect will help tone things down a bit. Some stallys go from 10 to 0 in temperment but some aren't really changed by their snip snip job.
I don't know if this advice will help any!

I find my mares, don't keep any geldings, that act like this are normally wanting to be boss mare but they are not! Right now I have 3 mares,, the #2 in line mare chases the dogs and the cats and would bite and kick them given a chance.

When I first got her she kicked my daughter and she swings her hind end at me when she is feeding. She was nippy when I got her. Just as an FYI she is most dominant when food is involved but was malnourished when I got her.

However, I have NO tolerance for horses hurting me and now she knows this she never nips or tries to kick BUT does it to the dogs/cats, because they tolerate it or submit to her!! I think she just wants to boss someone around!! One of my dogs stands her ground and growls at the horse and she leaves that dog alone!

I think much of this is normal behaviour, you just have to let them know it is NOT acceptable to you, like another horse would.
Thanks for the responses! I have only had Sky for a little over a month now and this is by far his worse behavior. And this all happened within about 10 minutes. He is just fine now. Just had a little energy to release I guess. He was corrected for trying to bite me. He knows that is a NO NO and was nipping and turning away from me at the same time because he knows that is not tolerated. I did manage to get a good slap on his rump as he spun around. Next thing you know he was at my heels again being a good boy. Which surprised me as he usually hold a grudge for awhile. He has been in his pen (it's an 80' x 80' pen) for the past three days because of my work shedule. He normally has full run of the yard 5 days a week so maybe he was just releasing some stored up energy. I am by no means excusing his behavior though. We are still new to each other and are both learning
Thanks again.

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