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Sep 4, 2003
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Muncie, Indiana
Will spend tomorrow getting ready to leave, sooooooo excited!!!
So won't be back on the forum for over a week! I am going to try and get on line and get some updates to you once I get down there.

Trainer called me this evening and Sophie did great!!!!! Brenda said she showed her heart out for the 2 young ladies showing her today in Youth at Nationals!

Emily is 12, Jamie 17,,,,,Emily and Sophie got 5th, Jamie and Sophie got 8th!!!

We are so excited they both placed in the top ten in large classes!

Sophie measured in at 35" and all horses but one that placed above here today were over 37". They had more legs!!!!
And we just couldn't get her to grow any more.
Brenda said all the horses that placed above Sophie were awesome! And all of them were very excited about their placings and how well all the "girls" did.

In Sophie's age class, it's only 34-36,,,,,,,,so may make a difference, or not. And that's ok. Because just with todays placings, we are estatic!!!!

Thanks for letting me share!

Keep the peace,,,,,,,,,,,,

And talk to you in a week or so!!!!
COngrats! That is excellent! I am sure those youth are excited!

Have fun, and have a safe trip!

Congrats to you all and Sophie!!!

I was just going to go look at todays results link that my friend Lavonne Parks from Timberview Appy's sent me tonight. It's fun to match forum members up with results cheering on our forum family!
Congratulations and enjoy the rest of the show and good luck!
Congratulations and enjoy the rest of the show and good luck!

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