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Aug 23, 2007
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Northern Nevada
I have a question about AMHA performance classes. A horse is supposed to be 3 years old. Is it their actual birthday or January 1 of that year?
January 1, I believe.
Thanks Alex. I wasn't getting any answer so I finally called AMHA. It is January 1. The thing I was worried about was the show starts May 7th and she is an actual 3 years on June 1. I would have been in so much trouble with my niece because this is the first horse she has ever trained and let me tell you she is such an easy drive. Now all we have to do is get her to stand long enough for the end of the class. But we should have that licked by Show time.
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3 for any type of driving or jumping class, 2 for Halter Obstacle, 1 for liberty, and no age requirment for showmanship.
she is an actual year on June 1.
Maybe I'm reading this wrong, but are you DRIVING this horse at less than a year old?
Most everything in the equine world is considered a year older on January 1st, regardless of actual birthdays, this goes for horses, riders, and exhibitors. That's why the like to have TB's born as close to Jan 1st as possible, so they can have the most mature horse possible when they are expected to race as a two year old. This rule works great for those horses that have early birthdays, as they are the more mature ones. It works great for exhibitors with early year birthdays too, because they can stay back a division and be the oldest. The only rule in the equine world that I can think of that differs from this is in eventing. Although it might be an USEF thing, so would cross disciplines..... For that, a rider is considered the age that they will turn at whatever point during that year. So, If you turn 22 in December of 2008, you are considered a 22 year old for ALL of 2008.
Maybe I'm reading this wrong, but are you DRIVING this horse at less than a year old?

Yes, you did misread it she turns 3 years old on June 1 and she so smooth and light to drive. Not much you have to do with her. I will post pics as soon as I can. I took some pics with my new camera and can not download them on this computer. The one I can use is kind of broken and can't get on the internet. I will use one of my older cameras.

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