She did it AGAIN!

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Mar 26, 2005
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Ottawa Ontario
Well, my mare that "wasn't prgenant" and then that "wasn't going to foal for a few weeks yet" has had her foal.
She was pastured with my two-year old stud, but always supervised. Never saw a thing so assumed she wasn't pregnant
So about two weeks ago she was bagging up, had to admit that she must be pregnant! Then two days ago she was acting like she was foaling!! Circling, pawing, biting her sides, a little sweat. No foal
Last night she was so unconcerned that I really should have been worried. Usually she acts a *little* bit uncomfortable, but nothing last night. She still had watery milk, foal wasn't dropped, still had lots of muscle in the back. So we decided to leave her and just check on her occaisionally [we have no camera, only a moniter to hear what she's doing] 11pm, nothing. 1am, still nothing. 3am, she's getting more sleep then me. So turned the moniter off, went to sleep. Check on her at 8am and lo and behold! There's a sign of foaling! A foal, actually. Same thing happened the last two'd think I would learn by now?

So we have a beautiful little colt!

He is 19", out of a Black-bay mare, by a Silver Red Dun Tovero stud. I *think* he's silver chestnut? But I'm not sure. Any ideas?

Also, wondering...he has white legs, belly, tail...I think that would be from silver? but how do I tell where his markings are?? He has a spot about 2 inches after the white ends on one forearm, but I can't tell if it's a stocking or what?! He has a big white face too. And possibly blue eyes - sire has two, his look blueish...will see whether they change. He's got his sire's "arab" tailset...he moves and it goes up, it's really cute! He is absolutely hilarious...the itchiest foal I have ever seen! He's already all for butt scratches, back scratches, neck scratches...he leans into them and almost falls over
So I think we will name him Charizmatik

Anyways, time for pictures!






he's cute!! can't help you with the color questions.... he could be silver bay as far as I know!

Awwwwwwwwwww......what a cutie pie!
In that top photo...his mane has a smokey gray tint to I'm guessing he is a Silver-Bay. He shows no dun characteristics IMHO. If his sire has blue eyes....he carries an "overo" gene....possibly frame or splash. So...the foal "could" carry one of these genes as well.
yes.gif only takes a few moments to "do the deed". Unless you can keep watch EVERY minute...24/7...... it's never safe to pasture mares & stallions together if you don't want them to breed.
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I don't know much about color but that sure is a cutie you've got there!
Congratulations on your little "wasn't going to foal" foal!!!
Nice little colt! Love his face markings. I'd guess he's a silver bay, but you'll know more as he gets older and loses some of that baby fuzz.


Silver Bay Splash- lay a pound to a penny Dad is too!! Silver does not show on Red!!
Pretty foal
Don'tcha just love a great surprise? Also, I don't know about color, but with the white, I had a good idea I had a white leg on my foal, and I could kind of see the cut off for it, but he had a white hoof, I really knew when I clipped him. All four of his legs are light in color though, with only one sock.
Beautiful foal and gorgeous mare!!!

she looks so much like our Kisses

He is cute. I will leave the color to the experts. I would have guessed sometime of sorrel.
Thanks everyone!

LilHorseLadie - Mm...will have to try that
I'm just so impatiant to see him cleaned up

RabbitsFizz - Thanks! is Splash an overo? excuse my ignorance, i just think i've heard splash refered to as overo...not sure ... I'm used to arabs and we don't have any of these funky colors or patterns
Daddy actually doesn't *seem* to have any silver characteristics...I wasn't sure if he was silver or no but his breeder thought so. Guess she was right!!!

Oh and thanks everyone for clearing up the whole silver not showing on red...still got a lot to learn about these little cuties

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