SG Little Blue Thunders-TMHV Show pic-by PJ

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Sarah's Little Blessings

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Jan 22, 2007
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Hey everyone!!! I have been waiting to get these pictures for a few weeks on here! Ms. PJ Wamble is such a good photographer and person for working with me to get the pictures for Thunder!!!

I just got the wild idea in early March, that who knows? It could be fun to show my Sr. stallion Thunder.

So basically straight out of the pasture he went to the TMHV show. Here are his pictures, I am so proud of my little guy!!! I still can't believe this horse was born in 1992!!


Oh, and here is his BEAUTIFUL headshot.. I personally love head shots!!!!


Just thought I'd share!

Thunder will be continuing to show with me throughout this year,I know he won't let me down, as long as I don't let him down.
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Gorgeous pictures of a gorgeous horse!!!! Looks like he did very well for being pulled out of the pasture!!! I would certainly never have guessed that he is 16 either!
He is stunning! Senior horses just have something special about them, don't they?
Hey! Thanks ya'll!!! I certainantly love him. Hope he looks good for Tunica! He's dropped just a little weight since he's been "visiting the ladies" but I'm sure we'll do great!

Yes, for sure Sr. horses have something about them.
Holy Cow Sarah! You got yourself a pretty stud there, I think you will be winning the blues with him and beating all those youngsters out there! Congrats!

You know I think Thunder's beautiful!!!
You are going to have a blast at the shows!

And since Sarah's too modest to mention it, I will. Thunder has sired some very nice babies...including an AMHR National Champion in halter!
Hehe, thanks Parmela, actually have to make that a National Res. Champion,(like my signature states), but hey I'll take a Reserve any day!)

Thanks again everyone for letting me share!! I still can't believe Thunder is mine!
He looks amazing! Congrats! 16 years old is not old at all for a horse; just entering the hind-end of the prime. There are many Grand Prix jumpers that are 16 or a year or two older.
Thanks Irish Hills,and Matt!

I also plan on doing some Liberty, and Hunter later in the year, and maybe even an Obstacle Driving class? He is so talented, I might as well!

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