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Jun 9, 2018
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I finally got to go to my first show of the year! I took Coady. He was...enthusiastic let’s say. We took first in halter (out of 5!) second in showmanship (Out of 2) and 4th (out of 4) in trail. He was actually decent in halter and he squared up nicely for the judge to inspect in showmanship, but he was a very snarky boy for anything that involved trotting. He decided to express himself in a very athletic manner in the trail class by basically dragging me around the cone that we had to circle, leaping into the air after the cone and doing his lovely impression of a rodeo bronc until it was time to switch to a walk. He also had his own interpretation of the trot poles as they were too close together for a 39” mega mini. He decided that launching himself over them was a much better idea than trying to trot over them. On the plus side his sidepass was perfect! Although our time in the arena did not go as planned, we had fun and I got to cheer on some of my friends who were in the English riding classes. (Including my friend’s 6 and 7 year old little girls who both did great today!!) Has anyone else gotten to do any showing this year? I know the virus has a lot of shows shut down so I’m hoping that some of you have been able to get out there and show!


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