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Aug 18, 2003
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I had 3 mares Selenium levels checked last week, because we got them from back East last year.

I live in Central New Mexico, where we have more cases of toxicity than we do deficiency. But because of some breeding/foaling issues I've had and the fact that these mares were brought from back East, I decided to have them checked.

Here is the good information that I just learned from my vet, and thought I'd pass on, because I had no clue.

Normal Selenium levels are different for EVERY breed of horse!

Thoroughbreds have the lowest NORMAL Selenium level, and Standardbreds have the highest NORMAL Selenium level. Quarter Horses fall in the middle to slightly lower.

There isn't a whole lot of research done on where Miniatures fall into the range.

Ok onto the question I have

Because my vet doesn't have any data to show where a Miniature Horse should fall in the normal to high level ranges, he's interested in seeing what other Miniatures have tested.

So can you please all let me know what your horses Selenium Levels have tested, and whether your vet diagnosed them as being Low or High.

FYI all 3 of my mares tested at 0.14 PPM. My vet said he found it quite odd that all 3 mares would test exactly the same. He also said that my mares are definitely not getting too much Selenium, and they could be very slightly on the low side but not enough to cause any breeding/foaling problems. But I will be adding a supplement to their feed that has a higher content of Selenium & Vitamin E.
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Does the local vet college have any info? what about ponies? Seems that somewhere, somehow, a realistic comparison could be made that would at least tell you what the "ballpark" is.........for a sorta/kinda/almost guestimate
My vet isn't really concerned about the levels my horses tested at, they obviously aren't really really low or really high.

He did call CSU and that's when he was told that there hasn't been any studies done to determine what is normal for a Miniature Horse.

I told him that I knew a bunch of people on this forum had their horses tested, so he asked me to see if I could find out from everyone and then he will know what other Miniatures are testing at.
What are you feeding your mares besides grass hay? I know some of the feeds are heavily supplemented with selenium. I am thinking about starting a vitamin supplement for our pg mares and was wondering if they need one with selenium.

Did your vet say what the " normal ranges" are for other breeds? Are the mare's current levels where they need to be for foaling?

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